produce in containers... what will grow best?

Darth-Talon(9)October 26, 2011

I've looked about, here and there, noticed things like tomatos, bush beans, peppers and cucumbers can grow pretty well in a container. (I have at least 2-3 gallon pots sitting on the porch atm) A simple list I've seen and will eventually do: Tomatos, bush beans, peppers (bell and hot), cucumbers, carrots, lettuce ( and other leafy veggies), spinach, herbs.

I've read somewhere that banana trees do well and avocado trees do well. However, I'm not just trying to keep them in coontainers... I'm wanting to start and maybe keep them indoors or at least be able to bring them indoors during winter times.

What can I grow in a container and indoors? Will dwarf trees do okay? Any ideas?

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Is there a dwarf mango tree that can do well indoors in a container?

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