Landscaping a 10' Drainage Easement

Bocko242July 3, 2011

Hi my wife and I are building our first home in northern KY and need some advice. There is a 10' drainage easement in the rear of our house. The yard has a slight slope going into the easement but the other side is a pretty steep slope. We probably would have never messed with it, but unfortunately the way that the house is staked and being built there is only 20 paces of yard from the left rear corner to the start of the easement. I am a very novice gardner and landscape expert, but I figured someone would be able to help me with some nice ideas. My wife has come up with some ideas on how to make it look nice, I just don't think they are actually going to work. PLEASE GIVE US SOME TIPS.


Steve n Katie

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rosiew(8 GA)

Steve, pictures will be a huge help.

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missingtheobvious(Blue Ridge 7a)

Also helpful would be a diagram of the property -- you probably have a survey diagram or something from the architect/builder showing the house on the lot. You can photocopy that, then add any relevant details. Even a graph paper sketch would be helpful. Show the easement ... the house ... the property lines ... any planned deck or patio, etc.

How deep is the easement at the lowest point compared to your property next to the easement? (Of course, there'll probably be some grading done after the house is completed.)

there is only 20 paces of yard from the left rear corner -- My paces are about 2', but I'm short. Can you convert this to feet?

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karinl(BC Z8)

Pictures would help a lot and if you post those a diagram may not be needed, but let it depend on what you have and can post. I know it seems like a lot of work, but we can only work with the information we have.

What I think should be considered is how the drainage easement is going to function - how often will it have water, how much, and where does it go.

And finally, why not post your wife's ideas; maybe they will work!


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