How much to pay for help in the garden?

obrionusa(5)May 11, 2013

My neighbor kid who is about 13 helped me for about two hours the other day in the garden. He is coming out today for a few more hours. How much would you pay him? I was thinking $5-$6 an hour. Is that not enough? I live in the mid west area. Its nice to have someone help you run the tiller, plant and weed.

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It's not enough, try at least minimum wage!

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AiliDeSpain(6a - Utah)

I have a ten year old daughter who would be thrilled to earn that much an hour for helping in the garden. :)

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$8-12 sounds fair, you'll make his day, and when he need help next time he won't hesitate by how cheap you were in the past

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AiliDeSpain(6a - Utah)

Keep in mind that babysitters often only charge about three dollars an hour so...

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I would agree that $5-6 would be enough, I think comparing it to babysitting would be correct and it is not like he has many other alternatives for making cash like that nor are you taking advantage of him

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If I pay for a kid/teen to help me I usually pay by the job. I let them know up front how much I'm going to pay. That being said - I pay well. Usually breaks down to about $10 per hour.

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here in NYC, min for babysitting is $12-15 that i've seen and heard

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whilst apartments in a decent neighborhood go for 3 or 4 million or 5-10k a month. maybe part of why we don't see many backyard veggie gardens in Manhattan, nor after-school jobs running rototillers?

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What you should do is contract in advance with the kid for a pay rate, not dole it out after the fact.

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I think a little weeding is OK, but personally I would not have a 13 year old run a tiller for money because there will be all sorts of flack if there is an injury.
I myself think it is better to err on the generous side as far as pay goes.

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lonmower(zone8 Western Oregon)

MINIMUM...minimum wage

(Child labor exists in 3rd world countries)

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wayne_5 zone 6a Central Indiana

I think you live near me. I suggest $6 an hour.

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Where did hire this babysitter from. My babysitter charges me 400.00 per week and she wants a raise. Is your babysitter Spanish I don't care as long she is kind.

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No, I don't think that $5 an hour is enough. I just got done tilling my garden for 2 hours and I am beat. It was more than $10 worth of work, that's for sure. Think about how much his help is benefiting you, gardening can be hard work. Remember, he isn't reaping any benefits from the garden--I would give him at least 20 a day IMO

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AiliDeSpain(6a - Utah)

Treehugger, are you referring to a babysitter or a Nanny? I am talking babysitter as in most daycares in our area charge 25.00 a day for eight hours of care.
In terms of children helping in the garden, you have to consider the quality of the work, it certainly is helpful but not "professional" quality gardening work that is why I say 6 bucks an hour is sufficient. I am speaking from experience as I have a ten year old daughter who often does yard work for neighbors and I know the quality of her work and what she considers to be fair for what she has put in.

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I'm 15 and work for my dad where he's an apartment manager. I typically get paid 20 bucks for 3 hours of work. Though I drink one or two soda and maybe a protein bar. $5 is a little low, but $10 is too much. Especially for the kind of work you'll get out of a 13 year old. I think you should vary it depending on if it's super hot outside, how laborous the work is, and how much the kid got accomplished that day. If you think about it, mininum wage isn't that much after taxes. Most kids in my grade(sophmore) would kill for a 10 dollar an hour job.

if I'm just cutting the grass, then I get 20 bucks for 3 hours work. But if I'm log splitting, which is really laborous, I get about 10 bucks an hour.

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I think $5-6 is too low, especially if he did a good job. To possibly take home $10 for 2 hours work seems a little discouraging. If you liked his work and want him to come back, then be a little more generous.

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I would pay him around $8 an hour. I pay a neighborhood kid $20 a week to walk my dogs. It normally takes him about 15 minutes a day and some days he can't make it. I pay him the same if he comes everyday or just a couple. Running a tiller is a lot harder work so I would pay more.

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I pay a 22 year old $10 an hour to mow and week whack and dig. He lives with his mom and has no expenses to speak of I would pay more for someone trying to make a living. Sometimes I wonder if I am enabling him in staying with mom past appropriate age by giving him spending money but not enuf to actually be independent.

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runswithscissors(MT 4/5)

I have a 73 year old man who helps me....I know, sounds weirdly cruel, but he loves it and thinks it's the funniest thing when I tell him what I want him to do next. He will only accept $10 an hour. Let me tell you....this guy works harder than any 13 year old I've ever known. (I call him "Rock-Steady" because he only has only one pace, "slow," but he just plugs along steady as she goes!) I love him.

13 year olds have notoriously short attention spans...I would only pay them $7 or $8 an hour because most of that time will be spent watching you work... or watching the clouds, or sneaking in a text or two, or playing with the cat, or replanting the worms or talking, talking, talking while propping up the shovel....then time for a pop, then time for a bathroom break, then time for a popcicle, then time to call and check in with mother, ...... !

Besides, if you find that they a a great worker, you can always give a bonus as a surprise...Rock Steady gets a big kick out of it when I try to give him one!

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