New template to determine postage

jim_6b(TN)July 24, 2009

I've designed my own template. It's a piece of plywood with a hole in it. What you do is take a postal worker and try to shove them through the hole. If they don't fit chances are you will be overcharged for postage.


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LOL! Where's sue?

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I don't know where Sue is. I just sent her an email.

I would like everyone to know that my post above was me trying to be funny about a serious and ongoing problem we are having with postage rates.
I'm not trying to be a troll.
Also, no postal workers we harmed in the testing of my template.

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LOL Jim, I like your idea on template,we need a comedian once in a while anyway, Sue will understand.

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Ah yes, humor when dealing with the postal workers or you will lose your mind.

I'm betting this though, my letter carrier and postmaster are the dumbest postal workers in existence.

Back in the spring, I was having a lot of trouble getting my mail delivered to the mailbox outside the front door.

Now the post office is not pleased with my box still on the door and not at the end of the driveway, BUT. we've explained time and again that we are not millionaires in my home and we are not going to continue to put the box down at the end of the driveway and have it smashed over every other week by some idiot that is illiterate and can not read the sign that says DEAD END. Instead of turning around at the intersection, and go back the way they came, the continue to speed down the short road, around the bend and right into the our mailbox.

Well after replacing the box, 8 times over 12 weeks, we told the post office where they could go with the box at the end of the driveway and put it back on the house.

So back to the spring, the cold, cold spring in MA and no mail for several days.
then I came home and found a mail carrier box full of mail with elastics around packets of mail and on the front envelope on every packet read a date and


After the initial mouth falling open and you no what going through my mind, I'm thinking, it's not me that's crazy, it's the letter carrier.

It's 55 degrees that day, warmest all week, not a flower in bloom anywhere in sight, not even the crocus where up, the snow had just finally gone the week before.

This idiot letter carrier can't tell the difference between flying ants and honey bees and it was too cold for bees still and why in the world would honey bees be swarming around dirt and brown half dead looking grass?

So call the postmaster and get, "well, if the letter carrier says there where swarming honey bees then there where swarming honey bees, the letter carrier knows what he is talking about, and half the town is not getting mail delivered because of swarming honey bees, and he hung up on me.

I'm like OK, now they both are crazy. The town is infested with flying ants and they postal service says the are honey bees.

So next few days temps go down to freezing and below at night, and 40's in the day and I still got those "swarming honey bees".

Hubby catches a few of the "swarming honey bees" and takes them to a pest control place to identify them, gets the formal paper work as to what they are, along with pics of the flying ants, as well as what honey bees look like. Brings home all the paper work and the collected flying ants.

I show all this to the letter carrier and he hits the roof, telling me that my paper work is fake and they are honey bees and he knows what he is talking about.
Needless to say, there was no talking to this idiot.

So down to the postmaster I go with the same stuff and what to I get told? Yup, same thing as the letter carrier says.
So now I blew my stack and told him I was going up the ladder, the chain of command and he will find out who is really correct.

By the time this was settled, "the swarming bee" problem was gone, I never got an apology for the treatment and absurdity from both the letter carrier and the postmaster and if I'm out in the yard, and the mail comes, I get dirty looks from the letter carrier but I do get my mail delivered.

I guess it's until the "swarming honey bees" arrive again next spring and I'm back to square 1 again.


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ya know what i hate?? men who treat woman like they are second rate. we get that here sometimes. especially when i go to lowes or one of those places. i have to tell them " i KNOW that you can do that and i have seen them do it so now i need the pieces for it" because since i am a female they tell me that it can't be done. in a heart beat i will call someone on the fact of treating me like a stupid female. and that i'm not. **although sometimes i feel like one, *grin* ** luckily our po is pretty good. except i can't get my hands on that dang s-5 thingi. draging their dang feet. ~Medo

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