Cinnamon tree bareroot into gritty mix

briana_2006October 20, 2012

Hello All -

A local store has brought in a cinnamon tree (type grown in Sri Lanka) -- it is about 4 foot tall for good price.

My question: It is very nice and green -- it is in a fairly small black nursery pot in a peat based soil. Could I carefully bare root it making sure the roots stay hydrated - i.e. work out of the sun and mist the roots with a spray bottle as I work and transfer it into gritty mix -- would it be likely to survive and thrive afterword?

Or are the roots too delicate for this?

Same question for a coffee plant and passionfruit plant.



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tapla (mid-MI z5b-6a)

You can certainly do all those things, but timing has an effect on the results you can expect. The likelihood of your being pleased with the results of your efforts begins to increase dramatically after the vernal equinox, and peaks around the summer solstice (Father's Day), with increasing day length (more accurately it's the diminishing length of the dark period) being the key factor.

IOW - make your plans, but be patient.


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