How long do you wait before you assume a trade is off?

annikasmommykateJuly 17, 2012

Hello all, thanks in advance for your input...

There have been a few times when someone has contacted me by e-mail, requesting a trade...I will e-mail them back about it, usually within a day or so, making an offer (sometimes I will request a pack for pack trade of a few things from their available list for things from their want list, so I know it's stuff they are interested in receiving)...Often times people just don't respond after that...

What is etiquette on that one? Should I be e-mailing them again even though they haven't responded, or is the onus on them at that point?

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I would just let it go. They're just arent into it.
You want to trade with somebody whose actually INTERESTED not somebody you're going to have to keep emailing to see if they sent the seeds. If they REALLY want to trade, they'll call you.

I actually pursued somebody like that and sent the seeds and they ed up blowing their end off.

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I might email once more asking if they'd received my initial response but that would be it.

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