cracking saucers

leeelsonOctober 15, 2013

We have a small lemon tree indoors in a large clay container. Underneath the container is a plastic saucer. Due to the weight of the container (~75 lbs) the plastic saucer has cracked. The replacement saucer also cracked so I'm looking for a clay (terracotta, ceramic, whatever) version that has more structural strength. There's no risk of freeze cracking of course.

None of the local nurseries or big box stores seem to carry this and I can't find it online. Anyone know of a source? I'm in Nevada.

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Oxboy555(Las Vegas)

Can't you put your lemon tree outside in the sun from say March through November? Keeping citrus indoors spring through fall is cruel and unusual punishment. :) If you could put it outside, you could maybe find a place on bare dirt or gravel so the draining water can just leave the pot and soak saucer needed.

Big clay/ceramic saucers are terribly unwieldy and easily crackable. Wait until your first attempt to plop your 75lb pot down on that may end up cracking both the pot and saucer. They also erode/leak over time believe it or not.

I live in Vegas and get my saucers from Star Nursery. I get those tough composite ones that feel like really strong plastic.

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