Dillema with my retaining wall

BarkyardJuly 28, 2012

Over a year ago we had a new yard put in, but the new yard is about 6 inches lower than the old one was. This created a problem as we now have dirt and tarp exposed below the retaining wall that we've always had. I was hoping someone could offer advice on what to do to cover up the tarp.

At first we were considering moving the wall a foot forward but that would be too much labor, as the wall is over 100 feet long. Another idea was to install a smaller wall in front of the current one, and have a small garden bed running the length of the wall, in sort of a step design, lower level in front of the upper level.

I am open to any and all suggestions. I am hoping to avoid installing another wall as I'm hoping there is a fix to this that will be a little bit cheaper. Thanks ahead of time.

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Of all the retaining walls I've seen, I've never seen one with a tarp at the base. Could you explain the purpose of it?... and the construction method so we'd know what we're dealing with? Who built the wall and how long has it been there? What is the material? Does it have a footing? How deep? It it dry laid? Are you looking for the real fix... or a fix that might get by for 5 years?

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As Yardvaark asked, long or short term?

In the short term, you could plant a flower border in the front. With the mulch already in place, it shouldn't be too much of a bother and should look cute.

In the long term, this needs to be fixed. Though you are low by at least 6" (base should at least be partially buried), can you bring in many tons of dirt into the yard. You would have to ensure you have the minimum slope away from your house and patio. If you have a sprinkler system already in place, you'd have to extend each riser.

Another option would be to redo the wall and start over. It crappy when things aren't done correctly but when it comes to homeownership we've seen a lot of things we just shake our head and get out the tools.

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