Potatoes? again...

itzybitzy_gw(7NC)May 9, 2012

So this is kinda embarrasing (dumb question)I have already asked on the companion planting forum with no answer:( So here we go:I am growing taters for the first time in containers:bags/black nursery containers,...they are doing great so far and now I'm trying to decide where to leave them permanently it seems like every single option I have are not good candidate,I have room next to melons,tomatoes,peppers/cabbage,onions.By the way only the potatoes are in containers the rest of the plants are on the ground.Wich one will be a better option or the companion rule apply only when taters are on the ground?

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I have no idea. Potatoes should be maturing shortly, I am starting to dig mine, As the vines die back, you can use the space for something else.

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Farmerdill:D I was wondering about that too I planted mine on March 20,and yesterday I got my hand under the roots of the plants and felt the little potatoes:)I kinda squeal a little bit...Is very exciting for me.Don't want to jinx it but butter and herbs crossed my mind...

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Just keep them away from peppers and tomatoes. They're all vulnerable to the same pests and diseases, so no point in making those areas more attractive than necessary.

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Thank you,"guys".I'll do that right now Edymnion:)

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