rabbits and beans - only young plants?

jane99(5)May 7, 2012

Do you think the rabbits mainly like the young plants? I want to put some fence up only until the plants get a foot tall maybe. Thanks

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sunnibel7 Md 7(7)

Sadly, no. I have had rabbits eat the base of several 6 ft vines before, it is very frustrating. But they do seem to concentrate their growsing to lower don on the plants. Cheers!

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They mostly browse my bush beans when they are seedlings. It caused me to start my whole bean crop in the greenhouse for a few years. After they started to bush a little,then I'd plant them. That's when the deer took over. LOL

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Rabbits eat matured bean plants too.Two years ago the rabbit was able to pass through my chain linked fence in my garden.He was able to eat about 80% 0f my beans before I discover it so I let him eat everything .Last year he was not able to pass through the fence because he gain weight. LOL

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Yep, rabbits eat just about any and all vegetable plants, young and old. My garden is fenced in, but those buggers just pace around the outside, waiting for me to maybe slip up and leave the door open. They are window shopping for something they'll never get, unless of course a wayward leaf pokes out of the fence, where it is promptly eaten.


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