Whats the best retaining wall to use with a clay bank

L AJuly 30, 2013

Behind the house I'm building (we are building in a hill) the land goes upward at at a 60 degree angle. It is terraced once. Up 7-8 feet, then flattens out then up again 7-8 feet. It is a clay. We are afraid of erosion as the whole area was cleared and there is no plant material at all in it and when wet it turns soupy. We don't want it to slide into the house. We were just going to sod it but I think we should have a retaining wall.
Also there are springs on the land and we are trying to ditch it properly as some water is running down over this bank and toward foundation.

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Because I have experience with hilly clay soils with springs oozing through them and 'perched water tables" which generally accompany such formations I am trying to figure out a way to answer this question nicely.

This is a situation where someone with local knowledge of the area geology and native plants should have seen this land while it was in its natural state. Were there trees, shrubs and certain types of native plants which indicate wet situations growing on the slope? Were some leaning which would indicate that the clay bank was slipping and moving. If this clay bank was fully vegetated whose idea was it to clean it off?

Guess I have to take this question step by step. Pictures would help, please.

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