Looking for Josue Diaz

debbiep_gwAugust 27, 2006

Please e-mail about our trade.I've e-mailed you and received no response this time.I hope all is well.

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chervil2(z5 MA)

I never received my end of the trade from her and have since let it go.

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Same with me and it's been over a year.

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SusanC(9b/10a Sunset 17)


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romando(9b/10a , sunset 17)

Is this person in California? I had a trade with him over a year ago, when he went by a different name. I also trade from time to time on Dave's Garden, and lo and behold, I had J.D. ask me a question about something unrelated, not realizing I was somebody he'd stiffed on gardenweb! Here's the email I got from him:

Chowchilla, CA
Oct 6, 2005
4:28 PM
hey, i saw that you reported this plant grows in modest, which is only an hour from my home. i would like to know if you have ever collected seed from it before and if it looks like a bunch of chaff because i just recieved some clerodendrum bungei seeds and i looks like a bunch of chaff.



Albany, CA
Oct 6, 2005
5:20 PM
I've never collected seed from it before, jd, but I do know that I feel like you stiffed me on our gardenweb trade...

Isn't life sweet sometimes?
But I'm sorry to everybody who has been stiffed by him still; he's another one of those chameleons who changes names all the time to slip under the radar.

Amanda 'romando'

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Amanda, same guy same GW name but he had some numbers with it as on the other site, same address used when he stiffed me on a trade in 2004.

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SusanC(9b/10a Sunset 17)

A member of my family died after the trade was set up, and I emailed that I would be a few days late with my end due to a death in the family. I still managed to get my end out within 4 days of finalizing the trade, but I never received anything back, despite several emails. Normally, I don't have trouble letting things just roll off my back, but that time I did.

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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana(zone 5/6)

Just another reason why I would like to see a small fee (like GW had b4) to have access to the trading forums. That way they would have to pay it each time they joined up here, and would maybe in time go elsewhere.

I for one, am copying and pasting all the posts where scammers are uncovered, to a permanent record...if you clip a post, and it gets deleted, all the info is gone.

I can understand that occasionally a trader might deserve the benefit of the doubt, but I see here that there are '4' displeased folks who were cheated. That is too many to give the benefit.

Sue...who is wondering if this might be another alias for that Mia person in California, who has multiple adresses as well.

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I received 99% of all seed trades. He was the 1% that never sent seeds to me either. I hope that he is not still trading.


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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana(zone 5/6)

I kind of think of posts like this are warnings to 'would be' scammers. I sure wouldn't want to take a chance on my addy being up for all to see, because of a few seeds or plants.

Scammers Beware!

Stick a fork in me, cause I'm done.

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kilngod z6b(Zone 6b)

One "looking for" message wouldn't turn me away from trading with someone (glitchy things can happen, and I can be patient), but these pile-ups of problems get my attention.

It's so much more than getting stiffed for the seeds, even more than the labor to collect, sort, pack & mail them, and even beyond the time and effort spent wondering if the person is okay and sending follow-up emails (again and again).

It's about community. If you keep messing with folks....

They're gonna vote you off the island, because "The tribe has spoken."

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im glad i did a search for this person here...he/she is trying to trade with me right now...Thanks for saving me the trouble everyone!!!

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Hi everyone, I am JOSEPH Diaz in Nebraska (an Orchid, bulb, and rose grower) and NOT the Josue Diaz that some people have had trouble with from California. I've been here since 2002 and have only used my name: Dr. Joseph Diaz. My screen name is talcottparsons because he is a theorist we had to study in graduate school. Just so there is no confusion with me!


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A fee for access to the trading forums? Sure, why not penalize everyone for a few bad traders.Kinda like in school where everyone gets a timeout for one bad kid.It is sad to hear of some people getting ripped off,but dont take it out on the many good traders.

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i like it here because of most of the nice people, although there are a "few" forums to stay away from, and i like that i don't have to come up with something, i don't have the money. but i do see your point!! ;'() happy/sad face LOL

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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana(zone 5/6)

same guy same GW name but he had some numbers with it

would any or all of you care to post a negative review for this jdiaz31089 at the Rate and Review please? Please include that the member is in CA and not post a whole real name (like here) or any specific address. It would be in jeopardy of getting removed if to much personal info is included...as many of us already know. It may help someone in the future.

This member has returned under another name, and has had numerous names over the years. Feel free to email if you have any questions.

Sue...resident busy body

Here is a link that might be useful: Rate and Review Forum

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Josue Diaz is back under the name of 'capirucho_chucho', trading pomegranate seed. The address being used is one that stiffed me before and belongs to a dormatory at Fresno Pacific University. Even if the name changes the address might not 1717 South Chestnut Ave so write this one down.

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capirucho_chucho(USDA 9b/ Sunset 9)

I truly believe you have mistaken me for another member. Yes, my name is Josue Diaz Saravia, but what you fail to consider is that i live in CA, specifically the San Joaquin Valley where more than half of the population is of Mexican/Hispanic descent. My first name (Josue) is as common as Jose, Jesus, Pablo....as is one of my last names (Diaz - as common as Lopez, Sanchez, ...). In my high school graduating class there were three Josue Diaz and plenty more with my same last name. That is why i use the english translation of my name (Josh) and my second last name (Saravia) which makes my name less common. I did a search for Josue Diaz at gardenweb and i found the person who you are mistaking me for, and i see that you have already posted that i am indeed the Josue Diaz who has scammed those members, before being sure. Yes, their name is Josue Diaz, but someone also posted that they live in "LO AND BEHOLD" Chowchilla, a town also in the San Joaquin Valley. If i must go into detail, i live in Fresno, not Chowchilla. I am a student at Fresno Pacific University (yes, search mapquest.com for the address that i sent you and my address is a box at Fresno Pacific University: 1717 South Chestnut Ave). I live in a house that belongs to the University along with five other students, we cannot have mail delivered directly to the house, so that is why i must use the box number). The succulent garden that i told you about is one of the landscapes that i am working on around campus since i have a part time job as a groundskeeper. I am really dissapointed that you went ahead and posted that.
Although i am not at all happy with how this turned out so far, i am still willing to send my end of the agreement if you so desire.

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capirucho_chucho(USDA 9b/ Sunset 9)

Just read that someone stiffed you using a box at fresno pacific university. Please let me tell you, this is a university. There are thousands of students both living on campus and commuting, and each one has their own box, regardless of whether they live on campus or not. So saying that someone stiffed you using 1717 south Chestnut #BLANK is like saying that someone stiffed you using an address in SOME_CITY, USA.

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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana(zone 5/6)

Oh my...what a situation we have here. Here is my take on things, and suggestions to maybe help solve the situation

1-It looks like there were 6 members who did not receive their end of the trade from someone by the name of Josue Diaz. One member mentioned that the member name had some numbers with it. Since no one provided the member name, I deduced the member name was likely jdiaz31089, and suggested that they go and start a review on the Rate and Review forum using the actual member name. Please see my post above.

2-capirucho_chucho- due to what has happened here, and because of your name being so common, I would suggest you add a blurb to your member page explaining things a little as you have done here. We are a tight community, often trying to look out for each other that everyone has positive trading experiences. It is very likely that your name will send up flags to a lot of us for years to come. I suggest that you explain things, and kindly offer to send your end of a trade first. Hopefully in time you will become a member with some great trades, and some raving reviews at the Rate and Review Forum. Going forward, that should help matters a lot.

3-I want to add here that I was a very large part of this situation, having assumed the wrong things. Please understand that I and probably others, maybe were not aware just how common your name is. And then to have 2 GW members with the same name, and in the same state...I do hope you can understand how this happened.

4. This thread was started in Aug 2006 b4 and the Rate and Review forum was started in November 2006. I am really surprised that this thread has remained as such posts in past years usually got pulled. Possibly the title saved it from being pulled. Management (I think) gave us the Rate and Review forum to have a place to rate members, and to keep threads such as this about bad traders off of the other boards. It does tend to be upsetting, and could scare newer members off, or at least scare them away from trading.

5-Hopefully any of the above posters who have had a bad trade will go and do a review under the Âactual' member name, and not add so much personal info that it will cause the review, or maybe even the whole review thread to be pulled. It has happened in the past, when too much personal info was given or if the thread turned into a bunch or chatter, with few actual trade reviews for the member. For additional info on why review posts get removed, please see the post I made on the Conversation side there with the title "Why ''some'' posts get deleted"

6-I think in time, due to the circumstances, this thread should be pulled, .
+++capirucho_chucho-please consider putting a blurb on your member page
+++Those of you who have had bad trades, please go and post them on the Rate and Review Forum, putting the actual member name in the subject line (per the instructions) and also "To ensure the safety of our members, please use membernames only -- do not reveal personal information -- such as last names -- without the member's permission."...also per the instructions there.
LetÂs work toward having all the good and bad trader information posted at the Rate and Review forum.

What doe anyone/everyone think? Anyone still with me? Sorry to be so wordy. Does anyone have any other suggestions?

Sue...resident busybody.

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capirucho_chucho(USDA 9b/ Sunset 9)

Sue, it is totally understandable that i would be associated with the scammer, sharing the same name. I appologize if my posts above sound a bit harsh, but i was kind of angry that such information would be posted about me. I will definately post an explanation on my member page as to my identity and will send out my end of trades first. Thank you for the suggestion.

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Wow,what a mystery.Capirucho chucho it seems you are also central cali 367.I was setting up a trade with you in the last day or so for lemon seeds until the e-mail got here with the name Josue Diaz and it did have the name Josh Saravia with the address in Fresno.Why the need for so many garden web names?Personally I still think you are the same person from the bad trades in 2006.I could be wrong but I don't feel like it and if I was wrong I would be the first to apoligize.Debbie

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Actually I think that is central_cali369

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You are right lovetogardennc,it is central_cali369 not 367.

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SusanC(9b/10a Sunset 17)

Interestingly enough, if you right-click and look at the properties of the images on central_cali369's trade page, you will see that they belong to the photobucket userid, jdiaz31089. -jdiaz31089 is the gardenweb member who never sent me his end of our trade.

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its sad that i'm starting to get to where i want to get their end of the trade first if they have no "references. because of being affraid of being stiffed. and that's soooo sad anymore!! and i've NEVER stiffed anyone. i feel for the people who just start out, they have absolutely no references. and alot of gw'rs don't give them. so that makes it even harder. and to put an even more strain, some will do good on seed but suck at plants!! or visa versa, and some don't put that in the rate and review, me included, i've started. luckily i've only had to post 1 bad review. there's like 3-4 i should have done but i lost their names. darn it!!

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After reading your post I did a search on central_cali369. All the pics that this member posted from photobucket albums no longer appear, but in doing a site search for this member, i found the following post,

RE: First Year from Seed w/pictures

Posted by central_cali369 z9 CA (My Page) on Fri, Jan 18, 08 at 23:46
thanks quicksilver,
This is the first year i got such of flush of brugmansia blooms. That brug started as a tiny cutting 3 years ago. The first year (2005), it grew to about 3 feet, but had no blooms. The second year(206), it doubled in size to about 6 feet and had a dozen or so blooms. Then we had a severe arcic blast in the winter(06/07) and the whole thing died to the ground. I thought it was dead, but it surprised me and came back in just one season. What is pictured above, is only the growth that occured from Feb 07 through Nov 07. And this year, it finally had a spectacular show going on. And the smell was entoxicating. Right now the brug is only bare twigs (It loses its leaves in the winter).

You can view more pictures of my yard at my website. I've just began to post picture since last november, so there are only a few pictures, but feel free to look through them.

Or you can browse through my photobucket album for more pics.

Please notice that the photobucket albums are under member name jdiaz31089.

This member was the first member to stiff me on a trade back in 2004. Since becoming a member in 2003, i have been lucky enough to have been stiffed only 3 times.

jdiaz31089 is from chowchilla CA. He got 10 packets of hosta seeds from me, each with at least 100 seeds in them. That's over 1,000 hosta seeds and he was supposed to send me at least 50 morning glory seeds.
Never got them, answered 1 email, that he just sent them to me. Never responded that he got my seeds, and after the 1st e-mail, blocked all my e-mails and they bounced back to me as blocked by receiver.

It would appear to me that jdiaz31089 and central_cali369 are one in the same person, based on the post above under that name that uses the jdiaz31089 photobucket album.

It is also interesting that after Susan mentioned how the photobucket pics that central_cali369 posted are part of the jdiaz31089 photobucket album, that all those pics vanished.


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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana(zone 5/6)

Ok, I think there is certainly proof enough here to say that jdiaz has had 3 member names and several members have lost seeds or plants, time and postage to him.

Would someone who has actually been scammed by jdiaz31089, aka central_cali369, aka capirucho_chucho please go to the Rate and Review Forum and start a new thread for the member name that failed to follow through on their end of the trade.
In the 'new' thread, please put the member name in the subject of posting lineas the instructions there suggest. Please then relate the details of the trade gone bad. Please add then the info about the many member names this member has, and mention that they are in CA. Please do not give out too much personal info about them, as that 'could' cause the thread to get deleted. Please only post the the review threads if you have actually had a trade gone bad. Too much chatter in a review thread has in the past caused the whole mess of a thread to be deleted.


It is high time that this info is put on the Rate and review forum, that it can then be found via a search.

just my 2 cents...capirucho_chucho sure had me fooled until you investigators provided the proof needed to unearth the truth. Good Job!


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Boy you guys are good!!! Thanks for watching out for all the good traders here!!

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agirlsgirl(6 SW-PA)

I feel stupid for believeing him,at first! Big DUH moment for me!

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No reason to feel stupid angie, that's why all the rest of us are here to keep watch on each other with this kind of thing.

Sue, the post has been done, it was my pleasure to do it.

Hope everyone else will add to the link below


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there should be a way of linking all 3.
but it seems maybe he's going to keep his one name clean??
but they still should be linked together!! for all the other people!! :'))

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SusanC(9b/10a Sunset 17)

Thanks, Fran, for making the post; I'll add my part to it. (I've never posted a negative review over there before. It feels kinda scary, so I appreciate you going first!)

I really think that this person was a teenager back when he was stiffing people. I'll bet that he has matured now and regrets what he did. Saying so would be hard for him, I'm sure, but I think we are a crowd that would buy that a bit better than what has happened instead.

Your friend in the garden,

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SusanC(9b/10a Sunset 17)

Alrighty then, I was a big brave girl and added my part.

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Thanks all for adding to the rate and review post that I started for "our pal".
That's what we need to do, protect each other from the few that want to just take and take and never give in return.

Glad we could add the 3rd name to this creep too, I would have done it myself but i had no way to verify it, only could suggest that he had a 3rd name.

We will have to watch and see if "he" comes up with a 4th name.
Maybe he has learned that you can't fool all of us all of the time, one of us will catch him and turn him in to the rest of the forum.


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I was also stiffed a trade with J.D. (with the numbers) about a year ago. Guess I need to go add my 2 cents also. Just found out yesterday that a ratings system was finally put into effect. I'm not around alot and usually only trade/chat during the spring and again sometimes in the fall. So since I'm not around all the time, I'm wondering how many of ya remember me or what to do about references for trades this year.

See ya 'round.


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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana(zone 5/6)

hmmm...those who had disappointing trades with central_cali369/aka jdiaz31089/aka capirucho_chucho might be interested in this ....I guess a member outed him/her there on the Brug Forum in another post.

Posted by central_cali369 z9b CA (My Page) on
Wed, Jun 25, 08 at 18:25

Some of you read the post by Romando who posted some "interesting" things about me. Here's the story: When i joined GW about 4 years ago, i was really active on the seed trading forums. I traded a lot and failed to come through on my side of the deal on several trades. There were many reasons, primarily that i was very unorganized, but those could all be called exuses. I stopped frequenting GW for a long time, and when i came back i was shunned time and time again even on other discussion forums. I came back under the user name Central_cali369, but there seems to be a lot of people who have way too much time on their hands, and whose life goal is to track my every move. Romando is one of them. I have appolagized to most, if not all of the people, but theres still a great deal of people who are grudgefull and track my every move. Because a lot of my photos show my house number and personal things that i don't want these people to see, i set my account to private and that's why the photos aren't showing. I really hope that i can still be part of this group, since those bad trades are from over three years ago, and i have appologized. I am not trying to get plants or seeds from you all, i just love talking with people who like to grow plants i do. On the contrary, i've even sent a box full of cannas, palms and trees to Marian. I appologize for the ruckus this might have caused.

Here is the thread...A bit of an explanation if anyone wants to go post there about the plants or seeds you never received. Maybe central_cali369 would like to make things right with everyone he/she failed to send to in the past. He/she seems to want those there to believe that apologies have been sent to everyone.


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