new house, no ideas - I have pics

mag9977July 3, 2011

We have been in our new home for about a month. I am almost done the clean up however still have a lot to go. I would like some help and some ideas on what to do. when I moved in the house the grass was about 2 feet long - I am in the process of taking the moss out. I also have gone through 2 containers of weeds. the back yard edge is lava rock - one of the trees in the back is a pear Tree. In the front lots of green, I would like some colour. I will be taking the pine tree down that is at the front of my house.

Front yard - BEFORE - has evening sun

front - side of house BEFORE


side of house BEFORE


Front of house now

In front of porch BEFORE

In front of porch NOW - still need to weed but as you can see it is deep

Backyard before

Back yard now - that is the pear tree and lava rock under. On the left side of the picture is what I think used to be a compost. Not sure what to put there. This area gets sun


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First search for some old threads that may include phrases like where to start, newbie, blank slate; even foundation planting.

Based on your post and pics, I would say, you will either need to hire a professional or start a self-education project in landscape design. Education never hurts anyway as it helps you know some more about what a professional would need to ask you about--gives you a vocabulary and focuses your thoughts as well. Start with some books on landscape design--basics like BH&G, Ortho,Southern Living--there are some recent threads on book suggestions as well. Browse through those to start getting acquainted with some of the steps involved in LD and processes of thinking about what you'd like to do and how to do it. You might then be able to see parts of the process that you can do yourself and parts you want more input on.

Have fun--it's a process!

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