Portulaca- What's your favorite?

jaleeisa(6b Oklahoma)August 14, 2008

I have become enchanted with these little plants this last year as borders or just a dash of color under a bush. My favorite so far is Magic Carpet. I have just discovered the "Kiss me quick" or Pink Purslane type and think I will try it next year as well.

So, which varieties do you like?


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lindaruzicka(Z6 PA)

I love portulaca too...I've planted some that are mixed and are just now coming up. I have no idea what color they'll be!

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agirlsgirl(6 SW-PA)

I love Portulaca for the fact it reseeds so heavy,so once you have it ,you never have to purchase it again! I am a fan of the purslane,for it's low growing habit,it's one of the best ground covers for me! I eliminated the yellow from my mix of those though. I would have to say,my favorite Moss Rose colors are the creamy yellows and peachy colored ones.Than again,I like the firey colored ones too....I guess I like them all and can't choose...lol..

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After several months of mixed colors blooming I got several blooms that looked like this. I am currently trying to save seed separately on this by marking the stems with twist ties.

(I did go back into photobucket and shrink this photo. Not sure when it will show up shrinked here though?)

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jaleeisa(6b Oklahoma)

WOW! Those ore GORGEOUS!!!!

I would definitely mark those and try to save the seeds!


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agirlsgirl(6 SW-PA)

I love the yellows,I have tons of yellows,light and dark, with fuchsia in them! They are so fantastic aren't they?

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proudgm_03(6 MO)

quiltingfox You picture in only about 4 x 4 on the site. I have found that when I view my pictures they are full screen even though I made them smaller on photobucket but others see the smaller photos. Nice variety of moss rose.

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Agirlsgirl have you been able to collect seeds off of your yellow/pink portulacas?

Best to you,

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