Dumb Question: Do African Violets seed???

booboobolhuis(7, Oklahoma)August 11, 2010

I KNOW it's a really, really dumb question but do African Violets seed? And if so how do I know when it has seeds that are ready to be collected? Thank you and NO JOKES,lol!!!!

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Yes they do but I've only seen one pod in many years and several AV's. It dries and splits. I just kept a close eye on my seed pod but I guess you could cover it with something to catch the seed. I know very little about AV's but I'm sure you will get an educated answer if you post on the African violet forum.

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booboobolhuis(7, Oklahoma)

Thank you karyn1, I bought two for each of my daughters and they seem to be doing really wel for Home Depot purchases. I just didn't know how they seed or where to even look. This is my first experience with African Violets so I have no idea. Thanks again

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Most people keep the spent blooms picked off so that they will continue to bloom and no seeds can form.
I don't know if I would have the discipline to leave one with dried up flowers alone long enough to harvest seeds if they did get pollinated, but I grew some from purchased seeds years ago.
Alana, who is getting tired of looking at some multiple posts.

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