anyone know what this plant is???

medontdo(8)August 1, 2009

i got this seed from someone last year, and now it has popped up all over, i don;t mind, its a very pretty plant with pretty foilage, but "what is it"???? **grin** ~Medo

it doesn't really have a smell, and hasn't bloomed yet.

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I might be wrong but I just went outside and looked at my Yvonnes Salvia and it looks like it.

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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana(zone 5/6)

medont...when you said it didn't have a smell, did you try crushing a few leaves between your fingers?

Jim, Yvonnes Salvia would have a smell if the leaves were crushed, wouldn't it?


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Yvonnes Salvia

The leaves on my plants do have a smell but not a strong smell or even one I can describe or compare to other plants.

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its smell is kinda greenish, but almost like cut grass, but it has a slight smell that i can't put my hands on. LOL not musky, or even good for that matter, very slight. but mine has more "wrinkles" than yours does, but i'd sure be happy if it was the yvonnes; salvia!! i did grow it last year and have seen no sign of it this year. :'( i sure did like it. i thought it reminded me of some kinda lobster plant the way it first comes out. LOL i was simply amazed by its growth. :') ~Medo

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Medo my first thought was also salvia of some sort...

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mine has blue on it, can it possibly be a gargantua?? (sp) it goes all the way up to 5' tall so far!! crazy thing!!! its definately a salvia! ~medo

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stage_rat(5--Indiana Riviera)

Maybe it's Black and Blue salvia? Which is guaranitica.

Take a look at the link.

Here is a link that might be useful: maybe...

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yep, that'd be her!! she's def her!! she's all over the place!! **huge smile!!** i would love some other colors besides blue, like pink, yellow and orange!! **grin** in this, ohhh and white!! now if that's a possibility i'd be as happy as a lark!! LOL **big smile**


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Medo,do you remember whom you got the seeds from?I know we traded alot last year and I have a salvia that blooms blue and grows 6ft tall or so and is everywhere and I mean everywhere.Mine is not the black/blue salvia though.I have that to and its never reseeds itself.Anyway my salvia is unidentified as the tag was lost.Your plant looks like mine.

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hmmmm.....i would say idon't remember, but i remember sending an sasbe to a lady who has a R&R. i think maybe either blue bedder or victoria?? i'll go and see the rates i've left and see if one sticks out! LOL ~medo

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no one stuck out. ya, i agree, mine are all over the place here. i have several in the front bed, several in the back yard, several in the side bed, and some that popped up in the barrel for the garlic chives. i left them to see what they that i know, i've been pulling them all excep where i truely want them!! **big smile** mine are definatly taller than me, i'm only 5'3. **grin** ~medo

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