Turface for germinating coconut?

briana_2006October 11, 2012

Hello all -

Thought I'd try to germinate a coconut. I have selected a "fresh" coconut from the store - fresh at least in the sense that it was a new arrival to the store. According to selection information at the store - I selected one I believe to be "heavy" for its size without any cracks in the shell and no appearance of any mold/etc - i.e. it seems in good shape and seems to have a fair amount of liquid inside. To disinfect it I submerged it for about 5 minutes in ~ 10 cups of water containing 10 teaspoons of bleach (1tsp bleach per 1 cup warm water). After soaking in the bleach solution I rinsed it well with water. I am planning to soak the coconut in water overnight. I am then planning to plant it with the three "eyes" facing up out of the turface and placing the plastic container on a table in a south facing window. I am considering placing a clear cover over the top that will allow light in and keep humidity up but am not sure if this will generate too much heat or mold - I would remove and replace the cover periodically (daily?). From my reading it takes about 6-9 months for a coconut to germinate if it is going to do it. I have the components for gritty mix so I could plant in gritty mix if that would be better. Any suggestions for changes to my method to try to have the best chance at success?



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edweather(Zone 5a/b Central NY)

If I'm not mistaken, don't you need the whole coconut, and not just the 'nut in the center' part? I've seen lots of coconuts germinating in Florida when I was a kid. Me and my grandfather germinated a few ourselves. The whole coconut is a giant seed.

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Hi -

Yes, I have planted the entire coconut.

I have oriented the whole coconut in a way such that the 3 "dark spots" on one end of the coconut are positioned in the turface so that the spots are positioned above the surface level of the turface. The rest of the coconut (not having the dark spots, which I thought were called the eyes) is within the turface.


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Loveplants2 8b Virginia Beach, Virginia

Hi Brian,

Have you asked over at the palm Forum? Great people there too!! : )

I have large Palms trees in my yard and know a few of the regulars over there at that forum. One person that comes to mine over ther who knows alot about Coconuts is a guy named USMarine in CA. If you post there, im sure they will help you, Many have tried this as well...

Hope this helps. I only have Sabals, Pindos and Windmills in my yard. I wish that i had Coconut trees, but not here in VA!!! Containers.. Christmas Palms and Bottle Palms..

Good Luck!!


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Brian, if you have the entire coconut, that means it has a thick husk on it that has to be removed so it will be what you buy in the stores. When it has the husk, you can't see the eyes. The husk is green or tan in color and about 2" thick. That's what ed is talking about.

But it looks like you don't need to have one. I found these instructions online.

Here is a link that might be useful: how to grow a coconut

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they were discussing it here:
i germinated mine in the darkish bedroom window on top of the radiator. it sprouted quite fast in winter, after 3 months, and remained a 2 leaf blade 'plant' for a couple of years. after that i got tired of it and chucked it.

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