Does anyone know agirlsgirl's whereabouts?

Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana(zone 5/6)August 22, 2009

I knew she had not been on the Seed Exchange much in a while, but just figured she was hanging over with the Winter Sowing cult. Come to find out, it looks like she hasn't posted there since April.

I emailed her yesterday and have not gotten a reply, yet. Has anyone been in touch with her recently? I'm a bit concerned. I even searched around the net to see if maybe she was hanging at some other gardening forum and couldn't find her anywhere.


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i haven't talked to her in ages, we used to email, but not since this winter. ~medo

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I've wondered about her too--she was such a frequent poster, and I've missed her enthusiasm.


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stage_rat(5--Indiana Riviera)

I miss her too! She was a lot of fun to have around, I hope she wanders back sometime.

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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana(zone 5/6)

Well now I am starting to get more concerned, as she has not replied to my email.

I'm going to post at WS, on the discussion side with an (OT) post so hopefully someone will see it and have some info.


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Her and Ollierose are buddies. Perhaps she knows something.

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I sent an invite to my tomato party to her a week or so back. I have not heard from her.
Flwrs4ever/Kym went to visit her last year. Maybe she has some info.

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also her and jaleisa were pretty good friends too. actually i can't really think of too many people she wasn't good friends with. **smile** i do miss her emails!! sure brighten up your days!! LOL ~medo

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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana(zone 5/6)

I've emailed Flwrs4ever/Kym, and she had no info or telly #.

I'll drop ollierose and jaleisa an email, plus I found Angie's mailing address, so I will drop her a card.

Thanks folks for your input and ideas.

It is just so strange that she has not posted at all in 4 months, not even stopping by to say Hello, and update us on things...particularly her winter sowing.

I'll keep you posted with whatever I find out.


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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana(zone 5/6)

I just heard back from my email to ollierose(Diana) and all is well with her and Angie. They talk about everyday, and have both been super busy this summer. She imagines they will pick back up on GW closer to winter.

Whew...glad I can mark that off my 'List of Worries'.

Thank you all.


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your welcome!! its nice to know that even when we're not around for a while your still keeping tabs on us!! LOL that's why i think of GW as more than a forum place, some of the people are more like extended family, or really awesome friends, ya know **big smile** ~medo

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agirlsgirl(7 North Carolina)

Hi everyone!!!!! :D
I have missed all of you and think of you guys often! I am so sorry I haven't been around much over the last few months,I have been so busy redesigning existing beds,creating new beds and trying to keep this house together in the

It has been a great season for me even though I lost 95% of my tomato plants due to that nasty late blight(which I hope I never see again in my lifetime!) There are lots of blooms this year from last years ws'ing adventure,I am still in awe of some of my beauties! And ever so grateful to all of you that have shared/traded seeds with me. When I look around out there I always think of how lucky I am to have found GW and the awesome people here! What did I grow before GW? I cant even

Yesterday, I seen a Giant Swallowtail for the first time in my life! I almost fell over! The pics online really don't do them justice!:D

I have had more hummingbirds visit this year, than ever before! Those little guys and gals really know how to put a smile on your face!
I feel so rewarded for all of my hard work every time I see them hovering around out there!

We successfully raised a few Monarch cats again this year. I don't think I could ever bore of watching them develop into such gorgeous creatures. It is such a shame how so many expire before they even get to be 1/2 an inch long. :( When it comes down to predators I swear those poor little guys hardly get a chance. So we went on cat hunts and collected as many as we could find. We found around 40 cats and only ended up with 3 butterflies,even with our protection,it is still a struggle!

We finally put up our fence! WOO-HOO!!!!!!! No more nasty scowls from the neighbor next door anymore!!!! She hates my gardening, and me, more than the
No sweat off my back,I don't really care to befriend someone with such disrespect for our environment anyway!;)
Anyway the fence is GREAT,but has added a whole new list of projects for me to do. Alot of plants needed to be relocated due to the change in the sun it gets now. But that is ok,we now have an awesome windbreak and more cooler areas to hang out in! I love my fence! :D

I hit the jackpot at Lowes 2 times over the last month! The first time I got $167 worth of plants for $23 and the second round I got around $400 worth for $10!!!!! A total of 58 1 gallon and larger perennials for only $33!!! Our new nursery manager is the BOMB!!!!! He works at Phipps conservatory also and caters his ordering towards the master gardeners he knows. I was blown away by the selection he brought to the store and cant wait to make a few requests myself!;) He also took our phone number to tip me off to sales and great is that? I feel like I died and went to

Sue:" I even searched around the net to see if maybe she was hanging at some other gardening forum and couldn't find her anywhere. "

Not a I am online this is where I am,well other than doing searches,so if you don't see me here,I am just not is the only gardening forum for me,it is such a great comfort zone and I feel so at home here! I am not knocking any other sites,there are other great ones out there,but for me GW is where I fit in! :)

medo!!!!! I have missed you girl! Everytime I walk past something fragrant in my yarden,I think of you and your quest for as much fragrance as possible! I hope all is well with your family,how are the kids? Cuter than ever I am sure! ;)Hugs!

Kate! You are another person I think of so often! I finally got an Astriana and thought of you immediately! I had such a hard time getting them to germinate so I said "heck with it" and bought one! know the seeds were good ,it just seems it is one of those ones I have problems with for some reason...oh who knows..I figure with all the money I saved growing alot from seed,to buy a plant here and there is ok!;) Hugs and I hope all is going well for you and yours!

Annette! Another one of my favorite people! Thanks for the kind words and know you would be missed by me also! ;) know me well!;)

Remy!!! I never got the email! I didn't check my emails for quite awhile,but it still should be there and so far I have not seen it! :( Stupid computer!!!!! for the invite,I hope you had a blast! :)

Speaking of Kym,anyone heard from her? I haven't browsed GW yet to see for myself. I am hoping she is ok,I am going to have to send her an email and check in on her.:)

Sue,thanks so much for caring enough to hunt me down. It sure makes a person feel good to know they would be missed! :)

Well,my cyatic is starting to act up,(that is another part of this gardening season...weekly trips to the Physical therapist! :( It is literally a pain in the And I have emails to respond to....I would have gotten to this all as soon as Diana told me you guys were looking for me,but hubby was on vacation and I am sure some of you understand how they can keep you from doing what you have to do just being God for work!

Well I am off to my inbox,thanks again for all of your concern,again, you guys are the best! :D

Hugs to all!!!!

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littleonefb(zone 5, MA)




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boy its nice to see you!! **big smile** its nice to see that i'm not the only one who can't get them darned asarina's to germinate!! LOL for the first time i finally got the mina lobata's to, i just put them in thepot and left them to the good LORD!!! LOL and lo and behold they did!! WOO HOO!!! LOL dont' forget to stop by more often girl!! and the kiddo's are doing great!! **big grin** ~medo

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agirlsgirl(7 North Carolina)

Hi Fran!!! I have missed you too!I will be contacting you via email soon!:)

medo! It is so great to see you too! I am soooo glad to hear the kids are doing well! They are such sweet little gems,well I guess Tabor isnt so little anymore!;)

Actually asarnia hasn't given me a problem I am referring to Astrantia ,I spelled it wrong above...oops! ;)
I wonder what the problem can be with the asarnia. Are you ws'ing them? I know they take a bit to germinate,they definitely were not eager to sprout. I ws'ed mine this year and started them under lights last year,I had great germination using both methods,but like I said it did take awhile. I wonder if the seed maybe too old? you have my wheels give up,they are well worth it! :)

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Hi all Angie my asarina is growing but still not blooming either I wonder if it is our weird weather this year?
I never did get out in the garden last weekend ended up being too sick maybe today.I will call you.

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It's great to see you're back Angie, I missed you too and hope Sue doesn't need to send a search party for you again, smile.
Now wish we'd see Nancy-Sunshine98, Angela and others.

Have a great weekend, you and all, wish I could send you some rain if needed,
best wishes

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i couldn't get my mina lobata to grow, but i finally threw them out in the container, and let the weather take care of them, well what do ya know?? they grew this year!! LOL i am so happy about that!! i think i will do that with some cup and saucers if i get a trade again and some asarina's, i want to get ahold of iris and see if i can get some giants!! that will be my great thing then!! LOL **big smile** Hugs ~medo

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