What can I do under 16 x 16 high deck??

beginner_landscaperJuly 15, 2007

Hi. We've lived in our house now for 2 years, and have tried unsucessfully to get grass seed / hydroseed to grow under our 16x16 deck. It grows in, at best, thin and spotty, and is just mostly mud/dirt. The area has shade pretty much constantly. I'm wondering if sod would take in this area? If not, what can I do with this area? I'd like to be able to put table/chairs under this high deck, but I don't want it in mud and can't afford the $3000 minimum quote I got for a patio installation!! I don't think I could install a patio on my own. I've heard that pea gravel is a bad idea, and mulch also. Is there no semi-quick, semi-easy fix?? Please help - and advice is much appreciated!!!! Thx. JD

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My hairdresser (who weighs about 120 lbs) recently installed a flagstone patio by herself. The flagstone cost her about $600. Other costs included sand and some plants she planted in between the flagstone. It looks georgeous. I'm going over there Thursday and could take a photo if you want more information.

DH and I plan something similar underneath our deck. Although we have no experience, I think we could do an adequate job.

Here's a post from a gardenwebber

Here is a link that might be useful: How to intall a flagstone path or patio

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No grass will grow, sodded or otherwise. Do you really want to try pulling chairs under a table thru gravel of any sort?

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Is the area level?
what about decking the area? or portable decking squares?
with pressure treated lumber you could build right on the ground and it would last about 10-15 years-- enought time to save the money to put in a paved area.

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