do ya like something SOOOO much ya get Crazy and.....

medontdo(8)August 31, 2009

like the 15 bean soup, i love it so much, i decided that i would go ahead and take, ohhhhhh about 6-7 of each and every one of the seeds out and plant them! yes, i'm so nuts now!! and while i'm at this, talla is busy letting some soak in water and doing some kinda experiment!! LOL life of a busy child!! **big smile** i think i will add some black beans to that!! LOL so do ya do stuff like that?? **grin**



my crazy answer would be yes, all the time!! LOL **big smile**

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Some people would see a bag a beans and others would see a bag of SEEDS. lol My kids taped zip lock bags with beans and a moist paper towel in them to a window at school for an experiment. It's a good way to see how the roots grow.

Are you planting beans NOW? I haven't done a lot of veggie gardening but I would think that it's too late in the year for those. Good practice for next summer though if it is.

I've been planting more and more edibles and just scatter them around the yard since I don't have a traditional vegetable garden. I've saved seeds from store bought melons several times to grow. Sometimes our grocery store will have unusual melons like casaba, canary or Christmas melons and it's a good way to give them a try without spending much.

Do you have a special recipe for 15 bean soup or is it the ones that come with a seasoning packet in the bag?

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maps31(5 salt lake city, UT)

I always add diced pepers and salsa, taking it to the spicy side. seave it with chili cheese cornbread ....yummmm!

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WHEW!! labor day was crazy!! LOL
no i don't have a special recipe, just the store bought one, i love that one! but i'm thinking later, i might add ones to it as i get to know the beans more, i love colorful beans!! **big smile** and then we just add chunks of ham to it anyhow!! LOL this last time we added ground virginia turkey. LOL it was really good!! :') **big smile** but then, i'm nuts!! **grin**
i love the sound of that, diced peppers and salsa!! i will have to try that!! we love spicy, or i should say, i love the spicy and they love the mild spicy. **big smile** ~medo

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Can you just start with a home made french onion soup and play with it????I would think so!A couple of crockpots of home made soup was always a must on the weekends-we were always doing wood and were in and outta the house grabbing a cup of warm soup when we needed a break...

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i'd think so wendy!! it sounds like a great idea. we are going to start having alot more soups. mainly beans, but alot more soups!! especially since the coldness has hit!! BRRRRR!!!! ~medo

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