Critters in my hibiscus for trade.

token28001(zone7b NC)September 12, 2008

For those of you who have traded a white hardy hibiscus with red center from me, there seem to be some critters in the seeds that are starting to emerge. I have been contacted by three traders who have told me the same thing.

Obviously, I never would have sent seeds with critters in the bags if I had known. However, these seeds in particular were collected earlier than most of my other seeds and were not in contact with the majority of my other seeds at any time.

If you have any questions about a recently completed trade and these seeds, please feel free to contact me. I am very sorry that this happened. I will not be trading these seeds from here on out.

This FAQ discusses this issue.

Whatever I can do to make this right, I will. Again, I'm really sorry about this.

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oooo i get those daggone bugs in my hollyhocks! i pick out as much seeds with holes in them, then freeze the good lookin seeds to kill off any larva. [ i learned that trick here in GW somewere:)]

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token28001(zone7b NC)

I was keeping them in the fridge. Does the cold activate them?

I've used Trudi's FAQ method to remove the ones in my stash. I plan to use the ones I kept. If I get one plant, I'll be happy.

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zippy37(Z6 IL)

They are called a Hollyhock Weevil, Apion longirostre.

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i keep mine in the freezer for about a week or two. this is supost to kill off any larva, so far so good:)

before putting them in the freezer,i pick out the live ones n seeds with holes by hand. just scatter the seeds on white paper so you can see, the bugs will scatter too lol i think they know somthings up. just squash em with a inkpen:) scan through your seeds n pick out any with holes, put the good ones in the freezer to be on the safe side.
trudi dose say the ones with holes will still grow:)so toss them back in your garden:)

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token28001(zone7b NC)

I'm planning to winter sow every single one of them. If they all grow, every person I know will have a plant.

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Token,I have found these tiny little beetle type bugs in my hardy hibiscus seeds in the last few years they emerge after they are put in the baggies it seems they are in the seeds the seeds have holes and seem to be hollow after they emerge and most likely are no good there is no way you could have known.They are a different bug than the weevils that like the hollyhock seeds I have seen these also.

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