How are you all?

graaniebSeptember 17, 2008

Added problems with the hurricane Ike, seeing many eastern states have damages, that thing was a monster, sad for so many. Sure gave many thanks for it not hitting us directly.

Sharon, Kate, FranB, Lisa..and all, hope you're feeling much better, miss hearing from you.

GB- Bea

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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana(zone 5/6)

Hi Bea,

Who would have ever thought that here in Indiana there would be hurricane damage, but I guess it was the aftermath, high winds anyway that passed though here Sunday afternoon. I was in Louisville at the time at a Daffodil Society sale, and there were transformers blowing all over the neighborhood. It sounded like cannons going off. Trees were down everywhere on the way home, and I made several detours to get home. I had no power when I got home, butgot it back on yesterday. Thankfully through it all, I had a phone, and water. I lost a few shingles, and some small treetops, but that was pretty well it except for things being blown around a good bit.

Hopefully others will check in.


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Sue, wow, amazing to hear all that, glad you've made it okay, power wasn't on for long, good thing you got water.
Heard from friends around there it was bad, broken trees but thankfully power stayed, friend near Mexican border ( Laredo) lost phone service at their office, power was out near Shreveport, La- daughter's in-laws, good thing they had generator ready.
Where do we go to escape the furies? Where do we evacuate?
Makes you wonder. One thing I'd not live on the seacoast or if I did -sure would evacuate at least 1 hour away.

Weather's been fall-like, gives me hope for no more hurricanes this year.

take care
GB- Bea

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token28001(zone7b NC)

I'm good. Thanks for asking. I've had a very productive week so far. I hope I can keep it up and finish all the tasks on my the me-do list. I've got the old bathtub out. The new one is in and half the backerboard is up for the new tile. Have you ever tried to install a 5' bathtub in a room that is only 59" wide? It's nearly impossible even with the extra inch.

I also built a new lasagna bed. I'm not very happy with the quality of the leaf mulch I got from the landfill, but since it was free, I'll keep my comments to myself.

I've gotten all my trades done except for a couple SASBE coming to me. I've got to go through and sort all the seeds into colors and perennial/annual. Some of the traders here are amazing. I've got more seeds than I can plant. Good thing I joined that round robin.

Oh yeah, when I got to the landfill the other day, the guy in front of me had a bunch of old windows on the back of his truck. He was tossing 8 32" x 32" windows. They're now sitting in my basement. He has 6 more and a french door at another rental house. I'm hoping he calls this weekend. The concrete blocks are ready to go and I'm waiting on the free wood that will complete my greenhouse. Anybody got any 2x4s? LOL

So overall, I'd have to say things are going pretty well for me. It's rained a lot so I was happy to see the sun this afternoon. It was brief, but like a comedian once said, happiness comes in small doses. A chocolate chip cookie, and orgasm, and a cigarette.

And you?

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grovespirit(Zone 9)

Nice of you to ask. Overall I am OK but waaay too busy!

All's well with my home and garden (no major storms here), but I am feeling overwhelmed. I have a case of the 'blaahs'...even though I have lots to be grateful for.

My garden is doing well, my basic needs are met. Hubby got a slight raise at work, so now we are gradually crawling back out of debt instead of adding to it. :)

Grandpa who lives near Galveston narrowly escaped a falling tree! He's 88 and has much trouble walking or driving: 'I'm too old to evacuate' he said. So we prayed for him, and a pine tree fell on his garden but (thank God) not on his home!

Still it seems I have way too much to do all at once these days, and not enough time to relax and enjoy my garden. :(

My dear doggie was badly injured recently and I've been bummed about how time consuming it's been caring for him. I need to be with him constantly while he recovers. He needs medications several times a day, and I have to keep an eye on him. Can't let him munch on, or scratch at, his wounds, or they will infect.

I have the usual Fall home & garden cleanup to do, & Fall veggies to plant ASAP (the window for planting Fall veg is short). I also would like to harvest & swap the seeds my garden produced.

At the same time I have classes I am taking, the usual errands to run and meals to cook, the car needs maintenance, and I have to prepare for an international move in the Spring...apply for passport, etc.

Somehow, I also need to make time to see a doctor myself... I have chronic health issues, and need to see specialists a few times a year.
I'm a bit behind in seed trades and returning people's SASBEs and not sure if my seeds will arrive in time for the RR seed swaps.

I will be relieved when my dog is back to normal and I can relax again! He's sitting at my feet as I type this, and whenever he tries to munch his wounds I gently nudge him with my foot and tell him no. Then I put some anti-itch spray on him. :)

Best wishes to you all,
Grovespirit (Iris)

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We had high winds from Ike on Sunday night / Monday morning. We had no damage done. Our town was unscathed too. However, neighboring towns are just getting power back tonight.

Glad to hear friends on the GardenWeb are well.

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we got the aftermath winds here too, half the town was out of eletric, tress all over the roads, blew the tarp off my lil greenhouse, pots n stuff was all over the yard.
glad yins are doing good hope everyone else is too.

it is getting more like fall, the trees are starting to change color. some leaves are falling. its chilly at night in the 40*,n im getting the itch to stich:) lol my hobbies change with the seasons.

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Good to read your posts, this is my kind of thing- sort of like friends gathering for a cup of coffee-don't you wish we could?
I've been busy too and lately for me it's a slow going, it takes me a while but I get to it. Been cleaning the yard after Gustav and then Ike, thankfully it was only small branches and overturned pots, typing recipes for cookbooks, making a few seed swaps here--anyone in for one?

Will have much more to say soon,
take care all,

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Hi again everyone,
Token, not minding that comedian, there are alternative small doses, laugh.
I was happy when a friend mowed our lawn, edged and cut down small tree that fell over, a big help, it took me til yesterday to slowly get it all looking decent.

You mean you had 1 inch extra to squeeze that tub in ? Going to plant something in the old tub, btw?
All that plus a greenhouse? Hey, idea now--place the old tub in the greenhouse --use it to hold soil, for one.
Wish I had a jacuzzi-sauna room, worried less about doing it all and relaxed more.
Keep on doing and doing well, rains help but lately I've been saying I'd rather water by buckets than have storms.
Sun is out and am watching hummers at play sometimes, got to enjoy them while they're here.

Spirit more up, hopefully? Good grandpa made it safe, didn't he know how you'll worry about him? He probably went thru storms abd now sees these are getting way worse, he'll evacuate next time if he needs to.
Sorry about your pet--tried collar to prevent him from scratching his wounds? My cat had 4 vet visits cause of coon attack, thankfully it's healed well. Hope your doggie does too.
I meant to ask you about a swap but now will wait, don't want to overwhelm you. We'd also like to grow at least salad ingrediwnts in large containers, already have a few cuke vines about 2 ft tall. Been gathering seeds, love Basil- lemon, lime, cinnamon, thai--our fav, rooted from Bayleaf tree, hibiscus etc.
International move ---now that's exciting, something to look forward to, how long will you be gone?
But first, take good care of your health....used to hear it from older people and they took on important meaning over the years-especially lately, need to get going, not just talking, smile.
Booberry--glad you escaped the wind damage.
Chrizty-- sounds like you were hit like us down near New Orleans, we can be greatful it wasn't worse.

Take care all, best wishes,

Havin Salad...and wanting to remind you to have more vegetables and fruits, stay away from sugar, salt, fatty foods, keep up with regular check ups- esp BP

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token28001(zone7b NC)


The tub is gone. I recycled it this weekend at the landfill when I went to pick up leaf mulch. It was an old cast iron tub and I had to break it up to get it out. I did all of it myself except load it onto my truck. What a pain that was. I still have to grout the tile I installed around the new tub, but it's looking good.

I also tore off an old brick porch today. Me and a friend used a sledge hammer. Took 4 hours of banging away at it, but I have all the bricks I need for the floor of the greenhouse. Anybody have any free 2x4s or plywood? LOL

I may just build a coldframe this year with the windows. I really don't need a full greenhouse just yet. I want to extend my growing season by a month in the spring. Just ot get the flowers out of the seed packs and into dirt without winter sowing. Trying some fall planting this year too. I've got baby shasta daisies and rudbeckia already. I hope I can keep them alive through the winter.

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ooo i love those old clawfoot tubs! use to have one years ago. i seen some use them for ponds too.

lol i made a greenhouse few years ago, i just build a frame n put that thick plastic around it. it wasnt the best but it worked:) hubs bought me a greenhouse so i took the plastic off the old put lattice around it n grow morning glorys on it. my 5year old has claimed it as her payhouse lol

its cold n raining today. maybe if it clears up ill go out check on my flowers n collect some seeds.

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Weather is finally ideal, no more threats of hurricanes, if it'd only last for a few years, at least.
I've never had a greenhouse, either had a patio enclosured on the side and later on would close the one open side and cover the plants or most often bring plants indoors, sometimes 3 times during the winter. We get a few frezing spells inbetween mild temps. Must be nice to have a hothouse. Especially in your colder zones.
Had seedlings of collards and kale come up about a month ago, got all beaten up by strong rains, plan on starting seeds in containers and t-planting seedlings in the ground, since I no longer have rows built up.
Token, you've done some hard work, what's the latest update?
Chrizty....what have you collected?

Curious me...

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Hi graanieb
i collected more mg mix lol have lots. i did get some quincy bush seeds n a few white dogwoods:) zinnias are starting to give me seeds :)
how about you?

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Christy, I'm collecting MG's as well, some others too, my daughter is collecting zinnias, hers are large too and I only have 1 Thumbellina- cute true red, sure want to plant other colors, can't beat zinnia for color and endurancy.

May be we can make a swap after we collect more?

Have a great weekend,

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shure graanieb would love to work out a trade when i get some more zinnias seeds. i got a few from the aztec sunsets. still waiting on the green envys, liliputts. tall cal giants n some regular unknown zinnias.:)

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