what to add to perenial lily garden

AAMWAugust 19, 2012

I have a garden in front of a traditional porch that is about 4 feet deep and 12 feet wide. It is full of perennial lilies and has a holly tree at the end. In the spring, it is gorgeous with several lily varieties and color. Now that we are in August, though, it is just green. I would like to be able to add perennials between the lilies that would bring color in August and into September. There would have to be enough height to pair well with the lily plants.

The soil is sandy, well-mulched, and has almost daily irrigation. We are in southern DE, about 2 miles from the coast.

Any suggestions?


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Do you mean daylilies or Asian/Oriental lilies? So you're looking for something tall and narrow, not rounded? I have a few suggestions, but they don't require daily irrigation, but neither do lilies.

If you're looking for height, I'd suggest coneflowers. They can be deadheaded and they'll keep blooming. Kim's Knee-high is my best bloomer. Magnus is another good pink one.

Rozanne geranium is good for the front of your lilies. It blooms all summer and the flowers will weave through the lily foliage.

If these are Asian lilies, I'd suggest rounded shapes like Zagreb coreopsis. It's a good yellow that looks great with most color lilies.

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how about cone flowers and black eyed susan, they will fill in for weeks.

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