Need some landscaping help.

KKleemyAugust 14, 2014

We closed on our house 2 weeks ago and we just love our new place and so excited to start working on a lot of projects.

I am just wondering on what we can do to make the landscaping look nice. I have plans of getting rid of the big bushes by the front door and add some lights but other than that..I would love to add some colors but not sure what plants would be easy to take care of and what look to go with.

I do want to show off the front door more and not have it hidden behind big bushes.

Any inputs?

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Suzi AKA DesertDance

Congrats on your new house! It would help if you put your state and planting zone in the zone field in your profile. When we don't know where you are, it's hard to suggest color for your planting zone.

Also, if you could step across the street and take a photo of the entire yard and house, it will be easier for those in the know to give suggestions.

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hoovb zone 9 sunset 23

Your new home is lovely. Give the shrubs a light trim and settle into your house before you do anything major. Getting to know your soil and light conditions first will save you money. Walk around your neighborhood and see what looks good to you. See what plants are thriving, what plants are problems. Take photos of what you like and photos of what you hate. Learn a little about plants. It can save you a lot of $$.

Please don't use mulch that is dyed orange.

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I live in the northern part of IL.

I am looking for plants that will bloom every year and also some color to add to the front part of the house.

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"I am just wondering on what we can do to make the landscaping look nice."

It's going to be hard to advise you based on the picture you submitted ... unless you only want to know what can be planted in front of the garage door after you remove some asphalt. Why don't you submit a picture that shows the whole house with some space at each end. Keep in mind that it's very possible to add plants with the end result being clutter, confusion and smothering. If you want to add plants that enhance -- not detract -- then you must have space for them. The above picture does not show where that could be. At the little empty planting bed, instead of plants you need an expanded entry experience ... larger walk and steps.

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To draw attention to the front door, an obvious path leading to it directly (rather than what you have now: a hidden step off the driveway) will work wonders. Once your path is in, the landscaping will follow more naturally.

For an example of what I mean, a path to the door will need you to take out the tree which is hiding the door. So, the planting and the path will work together, but the path comes first.

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