I'm alive!

kizzyseeds(Z7b VA)September 1, 2008

Hi flower buds, I apologize to all of you and thanks for worrying about me. All I can say, without too many details, is that my world caved in. I was in turmoil for about 6 months due to health and family problems, and had to leave home for a little while. I didn't have access to a computer or many of my belongings, including seeds.

Things still aren't as they should be, but I am picking up the pieces and I want to make it up to you traders who've been waiting on me. If I owe you seeds, plmk. I will find our old emails and get them mailed to you this week. If you'd rather peek at my new list, that's fine too.

I'm really touched that I found the post here asking about me. Those of you who've known me over the years, know I would never think of not completing my trades. I owe so much to all of you:)

Thank you, thank you, thank you so much, to all you wonderful gardeners and traders. Please let me put things right, and understand I couldn't help my circumstances.

your flower bud,


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Glad your back and all is well Sharon!!! ¢¾¢¾¢¾

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bakemom_gw(z6 Central Ohio)

Need seeds for trades etc? plmk

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lindaruzicka(Z6 PA)

Hi Sharon,
glad to see you back ((HUG))

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Sharon, I am SOO glad to see you back ! I hope the future holds better things for you ! (((hugs)))

We sure missed ya ! WELCOME HOME !

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agirlsgirl(6 SW-PA)

If you need anything,there is a whole bunch of us here for you! :)

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grovespirit(Zone 9)

Glad the crisis is over and you are OK!
I just posted positive feedback for you on Rate & Review.

Your stephanotis seeds you sent me in '06 are now a mature viney carpet gracing my neighbor's fence with glorious garlands of fragrance.

I wound up living in a condo, with insufficient sunny space to plant the 6 vine seedlings, so I engaged in 'guerilla gardening' (sorta.) I convinced a local resident to 'adopt' em.

She gets valuable fragrant landscaping perennials, and I get to smell the perfume every evening when i walk my doggie past her home. :)

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Good seeing you back Sharon, well wishes to you and of course wish I could give you a hug with a bouquet of flowers, but if you need seeds let me know. Take good care.

knowing how appreciated it can be feeling better at home,

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Hi Sharon so glad you are back, ha me too, boy life can surely throw you curves some times, any thing you need just email me see what I can do for you, Lisa

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