gunnysackSeptember 19, 2008

Does anyone have a formula to kill weeds....something non-toxic and not chemical...is there such a thing?


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vinegar works sometimes, but you have to be careful not to get it on anything else and not too much in the soil.

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grovespirit(Zone 9)

If you are killing weeds on paved areas, dumping boiling water on the weeds may work well.

personally, I find the best non-chemical weed control is lots of mulching- to prevent the weeds from growing in the first place. :)

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i love this one!! i'm gonna try it!!
another one
and that's about all i have found usefull. LOL ~Medo

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you could burn them using a torch. i havent done it yet but want to, need a torch! lol
i may try the boiled water. should work the same in burning the roots as a torch.
i have a rock pathway that needs somthing done.
ill have to check out your links medo:)

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hope they work. i've been doing the square foot method. and i tell ya, i am loving the idea of no weeds!! and i spent zero on all the stuff that your supposed to. tabor asked the city guy to haul some dirt in, and then i used manuer, and grass clippings, so its going great!! another one is just grass clippings, manuer and some of the left over dirt from the winter sowing. and still very little quack grass it only finds the way in where i forgot to close it off really well. no weeds though. i'm loving this!! best of all! NO DANDILIONS!!!! LOL ~Medo

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token28001(zone7b NC)

if you're trying to kill a large area and don't have to worry about plants, you can use black plastic over the area. It will heat up in direct sun and bake the weeds with no sunlight. It works great during the summer.

I haven't found a home method that works as well as the commerical mixes.

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