Postage Due in a Trade?

kidsandcats(7)September 29, 2011

None of this occurred on GW. What would you do if you were trading with someone, they refused to send their end until you sent yours even though you had good feedback, then took over a week to send out. Then when you finally got the envelope, there was $1.27 due for postage on it. It was sent in a small invitation type envie, and packed VERY full of tiny packets of seeds, and only 1 44 cent stamp on it. I feel I really put myself out over this particular trade, since the person acted like I'd be getting a good amount of seed in trade, and instead I got 3-4 seeds of each thing, and maybe 10 seeds of the very tiny-seeded ones, then on top of that, had to pay postage. What would you do in this situation?

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I wouldn't have agreed to a trade where I had to send my end first to begin with but that's just me. Did they have a good feedback rating? I'm surprised that the envelope arrived with a postage due notice instead of being returned to the sender. I've had members respond to offers and then send insufficient postage. I usually mail the envie and when it's returned to me with a postage due note I let them know. Sometimes they'll go thru with insufficient postage.

Did you tell them that you received it with a postge due notice and that you were disappointed with the amount of seeds sent? You could ask them for reimbursement but you might just be better off chalking it up to experience and forget about it. You could also leave feedback in R&R explaining what happened.

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dickiefickle(5B Dousman,Wi.)

Hope they dont reproduce

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Deborah, did you contact them to let them know?


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Nel, I sure did. This person asked me to weigh it, then swore that she put proper postage on and weighed it. I chalked it up as a learning experience.

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if you have good ratings, you should never have agreed to sending first. did you check them out on the R & R? i always used to check people out befor i even agree'd to anything or thought about their list. when it came back w/postage due, you could have just put return to sender onit, i think. i'm not positive about that though. LOL of course on the R&R i would of left the note about that incident.

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