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georgeoiAugust 4, 2012

Hey guys, we built a house two years ago, and never completed the backyard (or whatever yous want to call it). Now its a mess, with the weeds and everything else growing in there.

Anyone have any ideas of what we could do in it?

And my land stops where that wooden retaining wall at the back is, the house behind me will soon build a fence.

the pictures:

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Can you take pictures that show the overall of what the space is, perhaps from a higher elevation? And/or add a scale drawing that explains the arrangement? It's hard to follow with pieces shot from odd angles. looks interesting.

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Hey, Georgioi-
I lived in Melbourne from 1968 to 1975.
Wonderful place to grow up at that time.
My dad worked for an Australian company.

As for your back yard / back garden, a plan view is a good place to start. And, don't bother with computer landscaping programs -- sometimes that's the next question people ask, and the learning curve on those isn't worth the effort -- so use simpel graph paper and pencil. Figure out a scale that is big enough to let you play. Once you have a master copy of the basic scene, you may want to make copies so you can create a couple of drafts.

Then ask yourself, "What do we want to do out there?"
Make a list, and include the regular tasks that you might overlook.
So my back garden list includes:
Garden shed location and orientation,
water faucet / tap
existing concrete patio, sidewalk
compost area
interior / exterior door to lower patio
interior / exterior door from garage to back patio
gate from back to path leading to front garden

But what I also have to think about in some of my arranging is:
sightlines, access to get mower from back garden to front garden, place to create sitting area, and where to put a secret garden.

And, you know, you also have to figure out where the barby goes, right?

Note: I learned to speak Australian, but don't think I ever saw how it was spelled. Oh, the stories I could tell! My poor brother didn't know what a "biro" was until the "master" jerked the ballpoint pen out of his hand and threw it out the window. In the 1970s we were still expected to write with fountain pens.

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