Can you give your opinion on this?

luvsgrtdanesSeptember 4, 2009

I am hoping we can get some good feedback on this and we can get some kind of edit button!

Here is a link that might be useful: Closed option

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This Offer Is Now Closed

It's hard to miss that.

Many people see a seed offer and don't bother reading any requirements you may have. Many scroll to the bottom and ask for seed after the offer has been closed. I tell people up front that if they don't follow my instructions I will not respond to their post and ignore them. You should do the same and not feel guilty about it.

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Hey Ronnie.

Jim's post is "almost" perfect.

Only thing I would change is to use red for the print font. other than that size is perfect.

Only one catch though, and I know it's hard to believe.

But even after I have posted "This Offer is now closed", in the same font size and in red, I have gotten e-mails sent through GW for the BEAP seeds.

Sometimes they have come a day or 2 after I have posted closed, sometimes a few weeks, sometimes even a few months.

And sometimes I've had the thread brought back with a post for seeds after the post is made that the offer is closed.
I just ignore the new posts after I close it

Like Jim, I do set up rules and if they are not followed, I do not respond to the post, or the e-mail sent to me if they don't also post on the thread, and if they don't include their GW name within the e-mail body itself.

It appears to be the "nature of the beast" in the last year or 2, that no matter what you do to close a thread, someone is going to e-mail you about the seeds or continue to post on the thread.


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bigred(z8 Ark.)

Well,I agree,we need some way to post a thread/offer closed but I'm not all together sure others would pay attention. They certainly ignore any requirements I post with offers so I've taken to doing like Jim and ignoring them.


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Almost Perfect?

Hows that Fran.

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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana(zone 5/6)

This post is closed

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Change the closing to this

THIS POST AND OFFER IS CLOSED color=red> size=12>

use red for the color, use 12 for the font letter size. put the letters in capital letters

And hope that reading comprehension does exist for most members.

Looks good Jim, but if you use 12 for the font print, i don't think you need to also add the bold print. but then again, there are some people that just don't comprehend what is said in a post, no matter how hard we try.


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That particular font was called Impact. Thanks to Sue I learned how to use HTML code for font, size and color. I've been reading a little about it and web page design. I never realized what it took to design a web page.

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Too bad the posts didn't also come with sound since some people don't notice the big colored print. Maybe something like a losing noise when you do the wrong thing on a game show. lol.

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it would be awesome if we could get a edit button!! **grin** going thru my phase i just went thru, i woulda LOVED that!! but for the closed(seeds/plants) and such it would be awesome!!

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