Help with selecting shrubs or trees?

gardenbug(8b)August 19, 2013

I have a garden bed area next to the house that is about 14' x 3' wide. It has good soil. I currently have pyracantha planted but I want it pull it out and plant something different. (tired of getting poked by the thorns. I am thinking about a yew tree hedge or a cedar hedge. This area receives morning shade and afternoon filtered light (due to the shadow from the house next door) I am hoping to plant whatever I choose in the fall. I would like it to get about 5 or 6 feet tall. I welcome your ideas please. Thank you.

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Where do you live? Zone8B tells me only that it's kinda warm.

The USDA Zones put Phoenix AZ and Tampa FL in the same climate zone ... it only considers winter lows, summer highs.

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I live in British Columbia. CA ~ We have mild winters and warm summers. So, yes it's mostly warm but we do get a rainy winter season. Thanks for your help.

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