chocolate morning glory

woodsidetrader(PA/6)September 23, 2009

in 2007 I bought a pack of Livingston chocolate MG seed. Got nice plants, really liked the color of the flower. They did not produce seed, so bought another pack in 08. But this time they were not chocolate at all; they looked more like Grandpa Otts. After many emails the company sent me a replacement pack for 09 - and again they are not chocolate but deep purple like Grandpa Otts. These seeds were in a planter box on the side of our deck, with fresh potting soil each season. there are no other MGs in the area.

has anyone else had a similar experience or have any explanation??? Livingston acts like it's somehow my fault.

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poppy_power(Z5 OH)

I had a similar experience with the picotee blue.
I had a different m.glory bloom.
It was very pretty!.Here is a photo from the seed I grew out.

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I had that happen years ago with osteospermum seeds I bought from a large national seed company. The variety was supposed to be 'Passion Mix', mainly purples and pinks and cool colors; instead every plant bloomed the same screaming orange color. I could have bought that color of osteospermum seeds almost anywhere quite cheaply but instead had gone the mail order route, paid much more for the seeds plus shipping and handling, so was really disappointed at the results.

I contacted the seed company and explained the situation. They replaced the seeds and once again the result was screaming orange flowers. I contacted them again and they told me they only replaced seeds that did not germinate once; I explained that it wasn't lack of germination, but that the colors were not what had been stated, and asked for a refund. The company never responded.

Seed companies buy their seeds from lots of different growers, many of them overseas, and sometimes there are mistakes. I think the company that actually sells the seeds to the public should be responsible and make good when the product is not what it was described as being, so I was very disappointed that the big-name company I dealt with refused to do so.


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