Things like this make me not want to trade

karyn1(7a)September 3, 2011

I post so many fewer offers now and trade less often then I did just a few years ago and it's because of people like this. Someone had contacted me in late June about a plant I had offered and we set up a trade. They asked if I could hold it until the temps cooled which I didn't have a problem with because it was hot here too. They contacted me a about a week ago saying that they were ready but they no longer had the plant I wanted. I told them that was ok and they could have it for postage. They agreed and mentioned sending stamps. I told them that since the plant was about 2' tall it would likely be around $10 to mail and I didn't need that many stamps. I asked for their address so that I could calculate exact postage. They sent their address and asked for mine. Postage turned out to be $8.60 and I told them to send postage either snail mail or Paypal. I received this response:

Karyn, after all this time, my husband does not like me sending stamps, or postage in exchange

for plants. I am sorry for the fact that you saved the plant this long, and I am not taking it.

I really would have liked it. He says to buy one.

Thanks, and again I'm sorry

GMAFB! If they didn't want the plant because of the cost they should have said something when I told them they could have it for postage. They must be full of it and if not it's pretty sad that their DH dictates to them how to spend their money. Besides that it would be significantly less to get this plant from me for the $8.60 then it would to buy one that size from a nursery. It's also evident from my feedback rating, which is over 100, that I wouldn't rip them off. This didn't cause a problem for me, it was just annoying, but what if I'd had only one of this particular plant and had to refuse others that wanted it because I was holding it for someone? That's just rude.

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I know what you mean. What would have been worse is taking care of her plant for months and sending it to her only to see her offer the same plant for trade on the Plant Exchange. This happened to me several years ago.


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tnwren(z7 AR)

Sorry you had to deal with that!

I've been out of the trading loop for a couple years due to a move to a different state and no internet.

I feel like a kid in a candy store right now, trying to replace plants I had to leave behind. I'm so thankful that hubby doesn't mind me trading as long as I keep it reasonable.


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beverlysc(8a SC)

This same thing happened to me last year so now more on my toes when trading plants..few and far inbetween. Baby sit this one plant for months. Cooled down and emailed her and she said she had changed her mind and no longer wanted the plant..she didn't have room for it. Perfectly ok except I had sent her 20 packs of seeds for part of the trade and I got nothing in seeds..nothing. I enjoy trading my seeds and plants but people like this urk my urker. I wish them bad bugs...mean but could be worse.. Happy gardening to the good traders.

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that is one of the reasons i haven't gotten back into trading, i had a trade with someone the year befor last, we agree'd on the stuff, i told her since she was pretty new that she should send first, then i'd give her a good rating if everything went well, she did, but NOT even close to what we agree'd on. after that incident i haven't really bothered with trading. not to mention that my garden went ot heck after taking care of grams. (so i have to start all over LOL) people who are like that (what ya'll have to deal with) are just wrong!! i have learned not to hold things for people and if i do, i told them how long i would, then its up for trade. learned that a little to late too. I hope ya'll find better traders :') **big smile**

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