Crushed seeds--from Lakeland FL

grovespirit(Zone 9)September 19, 2008

Someone mailed me some seeds from Lakeland FL. They were sent in a regular (non-cushioned) envelope marked with a business name: Citadel insurance services. No note was enclosed, so I don't know who mailed them to me. Nor do I even have a way to know what kind of seeds they were!

If you are the sender of these seeds, I regret to inform you that they have all been crushed in transit by postal mail-processing machinery. I recommend that you make future seed trades using bubble envelopes!

If anyone here happens to know which GW seed trader in FL tends to mail their seeds using Citadel insurance services stationery, please let me know!

Thanks. :)

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sorry that happend grovespirit.
its good to keep notes on your trades, like whats going out to who n whats comming in from who. that way you'll know:)
i use a notebook,n file its saved my butt! lol helps me not to forget whats going out to who.
date-screen name--real name
list- there seeds for my seeds

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grovespirit(Zone 9)

Hi Chrizty,

Thanks for the advice. But I already am keeping thorough records on my trades! And I still don't know who sent them. :)

The problem isn't lack of records on my part. The problem is, these seeds were mailed with next to no identifying info.

They were not mailed from any address that I have in my records. Instead, they were sent with a business address only. I keep people's *home* addresses (the address they ask me to mail to) in my records when I agree to a trade.

The seeds also don't have any GW screen name or a real name with them, because they were mailed with no note inside, and the stationery has no info on it except the business address!

Also these seeds have no label as to what kind of plant they are from.

And the seeds are too badly crushed to identify. I can identify lots of plant seed species on sight, but only if they aren't busted up into bits like these are.

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i know alot of people don't visit this side, maybe you could post it over there on the other side? or did you trade with anyone who was close to there in florida?
but then again some insurance places do travel, errr. i know. no help there either. i'm just thinking out loud!! ~Medo

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You can wait and see who you "DON'T" get your end of the trade from, and that will prob. be the person......

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grovespirit(Zone 9)

The mystery is solved! Thanks to a regular trader in here (you know who you are). She got seeds (which survived OK) from the same business address, and she kindly emailed me to help solve the puzzle.

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you arent going to tell us, are ya?


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