what is this??

medontdo(8)September 9, 2009

i have it growing and don't know what it is, its a vine for sure!!

its not fragrant i don't think. any help would be great!! ~medo

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agirlsgirl(6 SW-PA)

That I am sure is a Malva,it looks like a Morning Glory growing with it. I have a Malva that looks just like that one. It fell over and decided to crawl along the ground rather than grow upright,making itself appear to be vine like. It should produce round sort of flat seed pods with a ring of black seeds all connected together inside it. It's leaves should be Hollyhock like also. They sure are pretty and I have discovered Malva will grow anywhere. It has become one of my favorites for this reason! :)

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beverlysc(8a SC)

Yep..I have Malvia Zebrina that the flower looks the same but not the leaves. If this really is a vine...save me some seeds please... Bev.

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at first i thought this was a malva, but i got to looking, it def. is a vine. i wish ihad planted some malva!! LOL if it is, that's way to awesome!! i will be saving some seeds of what ever it is!! **big smile** i know i have morning glory in this big batch of "stuff" LOL no hollyhock like leaves. i'll get a really close up pic tomarow. pull everything away from it and try to seperate it from the other vine. **laughing hysterically now** **big grin**
now if this beauty smelled awesome i'd be sooooo happy!! LOL

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Hey Medo,

Your picture looks just like my malva sylvestris. It's not a vine, but will fall onto the ground if not staked. Mine is doing the same thing along the ground.

You can check out malva neglecta, but the flowers are much lighter, so I don't think that's what you have. Not to mention that the malva neglecta might appear to be vining, but really does the same thing as malva sylvestris if not staked.

Enjoy your malva!


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lgslgs(z6 SE ohio)

Malva sylvestris - Mystic Merlin or similar

Here's what mine look like:


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lgslgs(z6 SE ohio)

This time of year mine are flopping over. Is it possible that you have the top of a malva stem toppled over and getting over run by a vining plant.


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ohhh yes!!! i pulled everything away, and then i STILL thought it was a vine, the stem was really thin, but then i saw a "seed ring" LOL **Laughing so hard** for some reason i just busted up laughing for no apparent reason, i guess because i was in there pulling all these crazy morning glories that i know will never ever go away!! they have bulbs for roots!! so they'll come back every year!! **sigh** thank you so much for the help!! i just love that pretty plant! last year, mine never grew that big, just a little thing!! LOL ~medo

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