Sending padded mailers for seed offers

karyn1(7a)October 7, 2010

You need not enclose the padded mailer in another envelope. Just put the postage and whatever else is requested in the padded envelope that your seeds will be returned in. A new address label can just be applied. I for one reuse mailers several times. For the majority of offers a small mailer will do. When I'm sent an 8x11 padded mailer I usually cut it in half. It will save you some money in postage. I've received a couple envelopes in envelopes recently. It's not a problem. It's just not necessary and might save you a stamp or two.

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I know how you feel about the envie inside another one.

Problem is, some people will do it no matter what you tell them.

I do a lot of BEAP offers, usually starting the end of Oct and go right up until the spring..

Every time I send the required info to the member for the offer, I include the following.

"Just address the bubble envelope inside, put everything I requested inside the envelope, address it to me and mail it. No need to put the bubble envelope inside another one to send it to me.'

I will invariably get some of the bubble envelopes stuffed inside another one.

I guess there will always be some people that will just send the bubblie inside another one, no matter what we say or tell them.


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I resemble that remark...or at least I did until I hosted my first Round Robin Swap. That taught me all I needed to know since I ended up with a huge supply of envelopes that I'm still using today. Give us slow ones a chance we'll catch up it just takes a little longer. Love you ;)

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It doesn't bother me, I just feel bad that someone is wasting their money on additional postage. I also can't stand the way a few or even a whole lot of seed packs look in a great big envelope. They always look so empty. lol

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aquawise(zone 4 Utah)

I have found it easy for me and the Poster to Just send me postage plus and extra stamp. I buy the bubble mailers for .44 cents. So The extra stamp I keep in exchange for the bubble packet. Works great for me and seems easy for the person sending me Postage. Just another way of doing postage to consider. I offer this as well as a SABE! I try to stay open and easy. Keeps trading fun as it should be.

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