Postal Carriers Ruin Trades

tkhooper(7)October 17, 2010

I'm having a running battle with my postal carrier. She put my packages right up against my storm door so I couldn't get to them without knocking them off of the steps.

I complained and now my seed trades are either very late or missing. I'm having to double post and go into the next town in order to send out my trades.

I'm really angry.

Do I complain again or get a post office box in the next town?

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eileen_shorty2002(7 sw NJ)

ask them again nicely and they might comply. i wouldn't want to be a letter carrier - dogs, weather, time pressures by the p.o. so many rules & restrictions with that job. it was bad enough being a mailhandler for 8 yrs at our large facility. with postal cutbacks would i complain, i'm not sure. try using another door if the packages are out front, i would mention it to the carrier again. either they were trying to be mean or they just don't think when they leave all these packages.

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tkhooper, I would ask around and see if neighbors are having problems, too. Also, if you are consistently missing mail, I would definitely complain to the Postmaster.
Last year about this time two postal workers were caught stealing mail here and were later convicted. It took customer complaints over a couple of years to get anyone interested but eventually someone paid attention. In fact, nothing really happened until a new Postmaster came.
Unfortunately the same thing has recently happened again. One of our rural mail carriers who was also a substitute Postmaster has been apprehended for stealing mail. Customer complaints about missing mail were the only way the authorities knew there was a problem. They caught her by mailing a birthday card with a gift card inside and making sure it was in the mail that would be delivered on her route one day. It was not delivered to it's destination and that person was seen on store security video redeeming that particular card the same afternoon.
Mistakes happen and like with any other job where sensitive or valuable material may be handled most postal workers are honest, but if missing mail is a pattern there may be a real problem.

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