Help with Drainage Problem

oldadmark(7)August 15, 2012

We have established a large garden area around two large Beech Trees. We've planted many ferns in the shaded area. In order to keep the weeds out we laid down landscaping weed control rolls then covered all that with mulch. The area is on a slope and every time we get hard rains the mulch runs down the slope and exposes the material underneath as well as piles up at the end of the slope. We've cut a significant rim around the area to try to hold the mulch but this does no good. We also have a gutter drainage pipe with a plastic extender that we directed toward the ferns but this adds to the flooding of the area, so I re-directed that away.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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Do you plan for something--eventually--to be growing in the mulched area?... as having plants there is what will solve this problem. I'd ditch the black plastic and deal with the weeds manually, chemically (Preen) or a combination of the two, while a groundcover is establishing. Not having a groundcover in an area subject to erosion, if that's your choice, will be tough!

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karinl(BC Z8)

Yes to what Yardvaark said. The fabric is providing little or no help in weed control, and is the cause of your drainage problem. Most weeds that grow in this area over time will come from seeds blowing in or deposited by birds. They are able to root through or around the fabric, or even just "into" it, so removing them is harder with the fabric there.

Substantial water flow will dislodge mulch that is placed on soil, but to a much lesser degree, especially once you have more extensive plantings and the mulch has decomposed down a bit.

If the water takes one narrow path you can place rocks (like a streambed) to keep it off the mulch.

Karin L

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Very attractive spot for a dry creek. Water is going to win the landscaping battle in the long run - why fight it?

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