The perfect fall day here!

Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana(zone 5/6)October 21, 2009

I know a lot of us has had a lot of bad weather gardening wise this year, so just wanted to post that it is one of those very rare perfect days here. It's 55 out now, but really just feels like short sleeve weather if one is working and moving about. There is no wind, and the expected high is to be 70.

Is anyone else having any perfect fall days to enjoy while starting to wrap up the 2009 gardening season, and seed collecting, of course?


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Not here Sue... Yeah, go ahead, rub it in! "Perfect Fall Weather"... Here I have perfect "Crap Weather"...

Meant affectionately (not really), glad you have good weather (envious as heck), glad you are collecting seed (I can't collect what isn't there)...

Seriously, I am happy someone is having beautiful weather, if I could stuff myself into a padded mailer (though at my current weight I wouldn't need padding), I'd mail myself to you just so I could enjoy some great fall weather. With my luck, I wouldn't be hand-cancelled.... ouch... The postage due to you would be the bigger pain!

Living through you vicariously,


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your very lucky! we have had rain yesterday afternoon, and then all day today! it was weird!! well the rain moved in early in the evening yesterday. it wasn't supposed to till last night till really late. then they went and changed it again, all 40's again! Geeze i think that God forgot that this is fall not winter!! **grin** we're supposed to be in the 70's still. **sigh** but i'm glad your having nice weather!! **big smile** ~medo

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Hi Sue! well, you know how it is in Ky- if you don't like the weather, just wait a few minutes and it will change! LOL

today is beautiful, love it when the sunshine beams in my living room and the tulip poplar tree with it's yellow leaves (right outside my front door) is almost glowing!

I still have quite a bit of garden cleanup to do-we have had some rain/gloom too. had just a 'tad' frost the other morning, but things are still looking pretty good..
I have some Christmas cactus to bring inside soon, and I still have some cherry type tomatoes trying to ripen!
I have collected some pretty 'cool' seeds -this was my first year with Scarlet Runner beans and I really liked them! I have not updated my wish/have lists, but hope to get around to it soon... I will post at w/s exchange and the Ohio valley exchange too....

have a great fall season!
best wishes,
Linda (by the airport)

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