Do you check the box to get follow-ups emailed to you?

Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana(zone 5/6)October 30, 2008

If you are the OP (original poster starting a thread) do you check the little box found just below the message box that says Check here if you would like copies of follow-ups to your message emailed to you. It certainly is handy to have the replies come into your email box. Then, if the replying member has his email set up to show his addy to members the OP can then 'reply' to the follow up email. If the replying member has chosen to show his/her addy to NO ONE then the OP won't be able to reply to the follow up email. Of course most all 'veteran' traders know all of the above info.

The little check box only be seen when you are initially typing into the message box and won't be seen once you hit preview.

I am surprised that more members don't check it, particularly when making a trade post. That saves one from constantly having to look for and check their post on the board. Of course one can bookmark it or save it to one's favorites, but still it has to be checked.

I notice that almost no new forum members check the box, and I often wonder if they ever come back and check their post and email those who have replied. A lot of the members new to the exchange don't have email links, so if that is the case, then those replying to the thread, can't even email the OP.

If I make a trade post, or ask a specific gardening question I check the box for replies. If it is just something like an off topic conversation I don't request followups be emailed to me. you check the box when you are the OP posting an offer on the Exchange?

Sue...who did not check it for this one...

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bakemom_gw(z6 Central Ohio)

Always! And, I expect posters to have their email unblocked so I can reply quickly and easily.

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cool thanks sue i didnt know it was there!

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yes!! i always check that so i don't have to go althe way beck and check it and possibly see something i might want again!! LOL **grinn** it makes it so much easier to answer things when their emails are unblocked. doesn't really matter. i just hit reply. so it'll go to their email one way or another. i guess it just depends on how much they want something or how anonymous they want to remain. ~Medo
as alway;s sue is reminding us of the cool stuff!! **big smile**

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cheri_mn_524(zone4 -MN)

I agree, Yes check the box . it makes it so much easier...

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agirlsgirl(6 SW-PA)

I should,but I dont...I think I will though! :)
It does make sense for trades and questions,but I think I will do as you,and not check it for chit chat! ;)

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another reason why i check the box, is because half the dang time i forget where the heck i left a message, so when i started posting and then i found that precious little box, OMGoodness!! that was so awesome!! Hee Hee!! i was glad, because i used to go all over the place just to see how big this place is, and well its just huge, then i'd forget where iwas. and of course where i posted something, or i'd see something that would catch my attention. i still do that and forget. LOL but ya know. LOL ~Medo

p.s. who is that familiar face up there????? **big grinn**

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how can you tell if somebody else did it?


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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana(zone 5/6)

how can you tell if somebody else did it?

Go to this thread and scroll down to where you would write a reply. You will see there that it says...A copy of your follow-up will automatically be emailed to the original poster.

I didn't know this until just a short while back, when someone mentioned it on another forum.

Sue...still learning

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ahhhhh, I gotcha!

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alwaysagarden(CA 9b)

Always do. Like having post-its, can't live without those things now! : )


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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana(zone 5/6)


I see so many new traders who do not have an email link, so folks cannot send them an email, and they have not checked the box either to get replies emailed to them. I often wonder if they come back and are able to find their thread to see the replies. Often they just make one post, and are never seen or heard of ever again...and they never do add their email link in spite of the instructions being linked for them.

My estimate is that well under 50% or add the email link after it being mentioned to them....sigh

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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana(zone 5/6)

bumping again for those who are maybe new to the forum...who 'might' wander over to this side.

Again...I see no newbies check the box, and lots of times never see them post again, even though they have gotten some replies to their post.

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