Lost and Found (OT)

flwrs4everOctober 23, 2008

Hello, and good morning...there are a lot of people that I havent seen posting in a LONG while..so I thought it would be nice to start a thread where we can check in and keep in touch...and is it just me..or is the seed trading starting out slow this season ? ok, where have you been hiding ? How was your summer ? Will ya be Winter Sowing ?

Come out from hiding, and let us know how you are doing !



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jaleeisa(6b Oklahoma)

Hi Kym! I'm still here. Just busy with a new job and hubby and kids. Working on several new themed garden beds as well. I've done a few trades lately, but have mostly been doing RRs. I do at least check in here every day or two :)

How are you doing?


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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana(zone 5/6)

I had to chuckle at your Subject of Posting line. The Conversation side is meant for all chatter that is not an actual trade. It need not be about trading, or even gardening for that matter, so long as it isn't religion, politics, and other 'controversial' stuff.

I am just trying to get everything out of my pot ghetto planted somewhere. A lot of it is just going into rows in the veggie garden until they get planted out to a more permanent location hopefully sometime in 2009. I just do not have all that much space 'properly' prepped for so many things, as so many of them are shrubs.
I have been doing a few small plant trades, and sending a few things out for postage. I stay in a constant state of behind...like I don't have your goodies prepped to go out today. I am an awful procrastinator.
I am also pondering just where I am going to plant all the new daff varieties I have traded for or bought this fall. I sure don't want to lose the name on any of them.

I too check in here daily, and have noticed there is not as much chatter as there was earlier in the season. I wonder if folks aren't really busy with getting so many late season things done, or even started to do fall clean up in their gardens and beds....something I never get done.

I don't know that the seed trading is starting out slow...there are so many things here that are not near ready for harvesting. I doubt if I will do much trading (not much of anything I need, I say now), but do hope to have several things to share later, after the fall gardening season ends here. Until then, I will be outside, weather permitting, trying to get a lot accomplished. I have also been busy digging out wild onions in areas that I hope to make into new beds in 2009. I will be very busy starting in late Feb digging out the Star Of Bethleham bulbs that infest the property here.
Numerous folks have suggested that I use/try the lasagna method of making beds, and smothering out the bulbs. That is just not possible. They simply will not smother out. I will say no more on that, or I will go into a real rant, and maybe start twitching.

I look forward to hearing about what all everyone is up to.

So what are you up to Kym?

Hugs back atcha!


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I've thought the trades were moving a little slowly right now too.

I look all the time, but don't always post because I like to trade for multiple packs at a time.

I've been trying to get all my fall garden tasks done including getting some last minute plants in the ground, working on my woodland garden and spreading the mulch I gained from the grinding of a tree stump in our yard. I'm also working on collecting and packing seeds, updating my trade page and getting ready for wintersowing.

Busy busy little bee I am!


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im still collecting but mostly need to get off my lazy but and pack them up, i got seeds everywere lol.
im also getting ready for WS yay! and cleaning up, guess lots of us are busy this time of year, so much to be done before winter,gardening and home stuff, i dont want to spend another winter all clutterd up, ive been spring cleaning in the fall lol.
im also getting ready for winter quilting. collecting fabrics here n there, whats everyone else do in the winter months?

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lindaruzicka(Z6 PA)

I've been cleaning up and collecting seeds too. We got hit with a really hard frost two days in a row that killed everything. I'm involved in the Fall swap seed trade that Willie is having. I've also been pretty heavy in the round robins (those things are ADDICTING!!) Been fall cleaning and painting rooms too. Winter's coming..too soon and too long..."stacking wood for future fires"

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bakemom_gw(z6 Central Ohio)

The Newbie Seed Project is heating up! I'm sending about a half dozen packs a week, but with my posting on this forum, that will ramp up. I wish we had more rain b/c I still have a ton of plants to plant out. Harvested a ton of Amsonia today.

Have two boys at Ohio State and my daughter a junior in high school - in marching band - go clarinets!

I'm doing outside fall cleanup and chopping leaves and grass clippings for mulch. Go Bucks tonight.

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39* right now brrr to chilly! i was happy sewing till i ran out of thread!
hey bakemom my daughters in band too, she's in the color guard:) she just turned 17 few days ago, i can feel the grey hairs growing!
i didnt do anything outside, been raining, love the fall weather, not to hot n not to cold, but the rain is cold!.
i joined candycows seed swap:) love the group seedswaps! its like getting a christmas or birthday present in the mail lol fun!

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bigred(z8 Ark.)

Good morning,
I haven't posted a new list because I'm not trading much any more. First due to the fact that I need to get my exsisting seed collection sewn before I start trading again and secondly,I've been purchasing most of my seeds lately as I sell plants and veggies at market and need to know what I'm selling is true from seed and what is on my labels.

My hub's retired a year ago this passed Aug.and I had my 8 yr. old DGD all summer so it was like having two 8 yr.olds in the house....LOL

Since the weather has cooled down,I've been cleaning up for fall,planting out more flowering shrubs and picking greens for customers. My fall crops are so late due to armadillo damage to first crop and second seed sewing was washed out by flash floods during Gustauv.Third time was the charm and I've been harvesting turnips and mustards for several weeks.

I'm also condensing my plant stock down down in the nursery. Getting rid of large stock of common trees and shrubs by donating them to local schools.Trees and shrubs are a lot of work and I'm getting old*G*. Keeping some native flowering shrubs and trees but hope to be doing maining root hardy perennials from now on.


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Hi Kathy, how is the new job ? I hope it is going well ! Are you tired of seeing the Christmas decorations yet ? LOL

Hi Sue, I tend to always put (OT) if the thread doesnt pertain to the forum...I procrastinated too, so your stuff will be going out on Monday, too hard for me to get them done when the kids are home..LOL

As for what I have been up to...I have been spending this summer, and fall meeting people from the site..and it has been soo much fun ! and I just cant wait to go back to Pa to see Angie again this summer...and I have met two other wonderful people from nearby my home...

I have been going thru my seed stash, and trying to update my trade list...and trying to decide on what to winter sow..

Diana, you DO sound like a busy bee !! maybe once we both update our lists, we can do a multiple trade ! ( or maybe I can just enable ya some..LOL )

Linda, I dont think I could get OUT of the seed RR's last season..I just got soo caught up in them ! It is amazing to see all the wonderful seeds come, isnt it ?? I have been wanting to paint here also...just cant decide on the color for the kitchen..LOL

Bakemom...I am SOO glad you are doing the newbie Seeds again ! I know I recieved some awesome seeds to get started..I have two teenagers...my son is (14)on the football team..and my daughter is (16) but not into the band, unfortunately..but she does go to all the games ! And we are just getting ready to look for a college..any good advice..I find this very overwhelming !

Chrizty...I love those seed swaps, I am thinking I might need to get involved in one now too..LOL It was in the 20's the other night, then in the upper 60's yesterday, then cold and rain overnight...SOO, I am sure everyone will be sick here soon...if the temps would just stay the same for a bit..I just LOVE the fall ! We are just at peak for the leaves...but soon they will all be on the ground, and roads.

Well, it is great to see you all here, and I hope everyone will keep checking "in", and chat !

Happy Fall !



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Peggy, OPPS ! Didnt mean not to say HI !! I am hoping to start selling a little from here too, I dont want to get "too involved" but if I can do a plant sale once or twice a summer for some extra "plant" money !

I am sure it has to be hard to keep up will all you have, and it is wonderful to hear you are donating the trees !!

I know what you mean about the men acting like the kids..I dont think mine will ever grow up ! They are in the room right now fighting over who won a video game..LOL

It is wonderful that you got to spend the summer with your GD...are you making a gardener out of her ?

I lost a lot this year do to flash flooding also..we would either be soo dry or so wet...an odd season here for sure !

I also wanted to tell you I am sorry to hear your trades arent going well..BUT I am so glad you arent giving up ! Maybe you would want to consider only trading with people that are vets here, or that you have traded with already...or even ask the other person to send first.

I have been trying to buy something unusual each season also, so I can have something worth trading !

I hope you are having a great weekend !



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hi all!! :') we have been busy here, schooling, and bringing in the plants which has been driving the hubs TOTALLY nuts!! but i told him, well sweetie, help me put the gh the rest of the way together then all the plants go back out (ya right!!! LOL) so when he still wasn't happy i kindly reminded him how much money that he has put out in seeds and how much money that he has put out in s&h and stamps!! LOL do you know that ol fart still wasn't happy!! don't know why?? i mean really!! it only looks like this
left side of the room

middle of the room

right side of the room

i mean,,,,,you wouldn't be mad......would you????? LOL
or think your spouse was nuts/crazy would you?? LOL
winter sowing. ohhhh yes@!! LOok at the bounty!! i mean totally awesome!! and the roots!! i still cannot get over them!! OMGoodness!! nice to see everyone!! ~Medo

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rain/snow showers tomarrow!!! noooooooooo im not ready!! waaa is me lol really i dont want the white stuff just yet!

sorry Peggy, you could check the R&R before trades or SABE's. thats true about ordering to make shure seeds come true, most of us are open pollinated so things can get crossed. my cosmos daydreams crossed. the pink centers went all the way to the edges.
ive been keeping my trades down to a few. i did put a wanted wildflowers up lol thought id try before ordering:)

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daffodillady(7b/8a central AL)

Hi all!! Earlier this fall I had one of "those" discussions with my DH and promptly went out and gave away 7 pick up truck loads of plants that I had winter sowed, or traded for, or that had been given to me, over the last year (my first year gardening). So then after all but a few flowers were gone- DH said that he didn't want me to get rid of them. Gggrrr!! I am going to winter sow a few containers- just things that can stay in pots for awhile. After caring for all those plants for a year, at least I learned which flowers I really like and which ones are just okay. I have just a couple more canna to pot up, a couple of cuttings of bush morning glory to bring in to root in water, and then I will done outside. Then I will need to update my seed trade page so that I can do a few trades. Trading is too much fun to miss out on- LOL!!

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medo we must of posted the same time? i didnt see your before! wow you got alot!
my hubs dont say tomuch cause he dont want me bringing up all of his hobbys! hee hee:) also if im happy he dont hear me yip LOL!

ohh daffodilllady i really would miss my hubs if he told me to get rid of my plants! lol
sofar i havent seen snow or rain like they said:)

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we got snow yesterday evening!!

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I always enjoy seeing the snow, BUT It is too early !!

I think we will all be complaining soon...LOL

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noooo noooo!! see the problem with the snow, is that my feet get all scared!! that means that they have to go into the dark place!! Hee Hee. they are afraid of it!@ i keep telling my hubs that we have to move to a warmer location, so i can keep my plants outside, and so i can wear my flip flops, he can find a nice prison guard job somewhere, he said, all i hear is i, me, my, plants. i just looked at him dumbly and smiled lovingly. and just told him how much i love him. and.....of course you know, i said honey, when do you want your hair cut?? then went back to reading nicely. Hee Hee
Now Beth!!! i'm so sorry to say, you know how you screamed with the email?? i woulda been doing that had hubs told me that i had to get rid of my plants. then i woulda agreed that i will get rid of some of my plants when he sells some of his guns!!! :') i only think that would be fair!! at least i use mine!!! **big grinn** ~Medo

p.s. Kym no more talk of snow.......PLEASE!!! **smiling**

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bakemom_gw(z6 Central Ohio)

Kym, for us is it Ohio State and no other. We are all alums, and my dad is retired dean, so we bleed scarlet and grey. I don't know that RI has to offer but in-state tuituion is a huge break from out of state. There should be college fairs that will help you guys decide. Good luck and Go Bucks.

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my son (tabor) decided he wants to go to college when he gets older. i tell him what for? just go to a trade school. but of course thats just MY opinion. and no i never went to college. my hubs did. he came out of it with a decent job. but it took him many years. and tabor wants to be a chef anyhow. i'm thinking cool!! but ya aint going to paris!! LOL ~Medo

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medo lots of kids these days go for the trade schools rather than collage, its faster n cheaper. my son wants to go to a trade school, he's not a bookworm lol my daughter is, she hasnt decided yet but is going to trade school for cna classes now, she gets tons of collage stuff in the mail. she dont graduate till next year. so she got time.
i never went to collage either. got a ged though lol. they looked down on pregger teens going to school back then, now a days its ok.

think i got all the seed collecting done for the year. just need to get off my butt n pk em up.

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