New to gardening... need help identifying plants

rsanfordOctober 2, 2011

Hello all! I am very new to gardening. I have a job in the Botany department (I am actually a Zoologist, but this is just where the opening was!) and someone else in the greenhouse was about to throw away these plants and they said we could take them. The problem is, I don't even know what species they are! Which makes looking up online how to care for them difficult. I took some pictures. Maybe you guys could tell me generally what they are.

Here is a link to the flickr gallery:

Any help would be appreciated, even if you can only name one :). Also, if you know anything about the care of these plants (how much light, how much water, etc.) I would also appreciate that!

Thank you, Rachel

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Hi Rachel, welcome to container gardening/gardenweb!

Looks like you've suddenly got a nice tropical garden collection there. I sadly only knew names of two off the bat, so I went on a google scavenger hunt :) I've definitely seen most of these around as houseplants.

1) Some species of Chamaedorea (reed palm/bamboo palm) - apparently there are lots, so no idea which species.

2) Not sure, I like it though. Looks like 2 and 5 might be different varieties of the same thing.

3) Sansevieria - not sure more specifically than that.

4) Epipremnum aureum (golden pothos) - seems ubiquitous as a houseplant.

5) This one isn't as distractive, which makes it hard to google easily.

6) looks like Dracaena fragrans - variegated corn plant - though I can't see if it has a woody, segmented stalk.

7) I think this is a fairly common species of fern kept as a houseplant, but I'll leave that one to folks with experience with ferns (not that I have any experience with the other plants ;)

I can't offer many care tips, but a lot of these will deal with fairly low light levels (maybe not a northern exposure?) since many are understory tropical species adapted to that.

Other than that, just the basics--don't keep them soggy, don't under water, make sure they have pots appropriate to their root masses. They all seem fairly tolerant of houseplant conditions though, so I suspect they shouldn't be too challenging.

Lots of helpful people on this forum, so I'm sure you'll get lots of more specific advice, too :)


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That's *distinctive btw, not "distractive".

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Sansevieria is also known as mother in law's tongue.

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Thanks for the fast response! This forum is great. I will look up the care on these and go for it!

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Tiffany, purpleinopp GardenWeb, Z8b Opp, AL

2 - maybe Pepperomia
5 - also maybe Pepperomia

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