chriztyOctober 20, 2008

anyone else get frost?? it hit my area hard the last few days:( killed about all my flowers:( i was so hoping to collect more seeds!

i seen once [cant remember were] to spray water on them early morn before the sun shines, well it didnt work for me. they still died.

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We've had a few frosts the past few nights. The evil "s" word is in the forecast for tonight. I hate winter! Every time they have predicted a frost (starting weeks ago), I'd pick the garden as if it were it's last night. After the past couple of frosts, there's nothing left but the clean up. I have a couple of squashes I've been covering, but I might just pick them and do with them what I can.

Sorry you didn't get to collect as many seeds as you had hoped.

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wish i would of coverd mine instead of trying the water thing! i got a few zinnias seeds but they were still blooming so good, till the frost. the cerinthe seem to be doing good, the daturas are all dead:( cosmos all went to seed, wonder if the seeds are still good after a frost?

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agirlsgirl(6 SW-PA)

Sorry to hear it hit you hard!:(
I panicked and picked my tomatoes clean and covered the peppers,I figured the seeds that are ripe will still be there so I didn't run to grab them,took cuttings from vines I am not ready to let go of just yet,dug a few things up and potted them up to over winter, and brought in anything I thought would not make it through the night! The frost didn't come!I woke up at 5:30 AM and looked out the window,everything I could see looked pretty good. I thought for sure when daylight came I would see my scabiosa,zinnia and a few others shriveled up,they were fine! Upon inspection the only thing that seemed to be affected were the tomatoes,they had a burned look to the top of them. The next night we were due to be hit,the only thing that suffered was the top of my moonflower vine.
So far many things look pretty good,I know my luck will not last forever and dooms day is near! I am hoping to just have another couple weeks,we had such a lousy May,everything was so far behind and some of them have just begun to do their thing!

Your seeds should be fine,I have harvested seeds after a frost and they were just fine,remember they fall on the ground and go through all kinds of things and sprout in the spring!:)

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lindaruzicka(Z6 PA)

We had a hard two day frost here. It pretty much did everything in. I guess winter is around the corner..."shivering"

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We've been very very close but not quite frozen yet.
The 10 day forecast looks good, we'llmake it into November without a frost.


sometimes it good to live near the lake. Not so much in the spring tho.

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chrizty take your datura's and dig them and if the roots are still good, bring them in, if you want to try and grow them, i've kept some of mine in containers. all of mine next year will be in containers. i like them smaller. not all huge!! LOL that way i can bring them in in the winter, also. ~Medo

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medo think my daturas are done for, i still have a few seeds so ill remember to plant them in pots next year:)

yea Angie the hardy flower seeds should be good, i collected some and put some in a damp papertowl baggie to see if they sprout. cosmos are half hardy and i never know how they will do. sometimes ill get one pop up from a seed left behind the past year. ill test the zinnias too but think they might be lost:( dont think the seed matured before the frost killed them. lucky i got a few before the frost!
forget the water thing next year im covering!lol not good when everything looks so nice then in one morning dead.

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squirrelspur(6B/7A NC)

Wow, we had our first frost the same time you did and we are in zone 7! I thought after our hot, hot summer we would at least get a late frost but it didn't work out that way. We had temps in the 80s! the week before.

It has been colder than usual at night - wonder what kind of winter we will have here. It would be nice to have snow as we haven't had it for a few years.

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daffodillady(7b/8a central AL)

We are due to get in the low 30s tonight and tomorrow, then back into the mid 40s for lows and 60s+ for highs. I noticed two solid black caterpillars last week. Wonder if thats an indicator of the kind of winter we might be in for?

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ohh theres a old folk tale about the black caterpillers but i cant remember what now! lol im googling now, ive seen alot of black ones this year.

heres what i got
The lowly woollybear caterpillar just crawls along doing his or her thing. If it has a large band of orange color, the indication is that it will be a mild winter. If it is mostly black, then it will be a rough winter.
from this link:)

Here is a link that might be useful: farmers almanac

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