if you mail the delivery confimation from home

medontdo(8)October 9, 2008

how does that also cost? and how does it get into the computer? how do you know how much it costs with the stamps? all that good info?? please help me with this smart info. sue who knows all!! LOL *grin** ~Medo

i finally seen that i was under the boys name!! hee hee

he does need his own laptop!! LOL

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Hey Medo,
Are you talking about bubble envies, or packages?
For envies, you can download the shipping assistant from the usps.com site. Once you put your wt and the addy from and to it will print out a mailing label with DC, it only costs .18 to do it on line and they will tell you the total you need.

For priority packages you can pay for and print out your label on line at usps.com and DC is free.

Hope that helps!

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either one, i ordered a bunch of them and had them sent here, shoot, at the po it cost me a dollar more. depending on where its going!! that's just bs!! so i thought heck i think i'm going to start doing this at home from now on!! ~Medo

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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana(zone 5/6)


They don't cost $1 at the Po unless you ask for a proof of delivery signature, and then it is more than that. I'll try and remember to call tomorrow and ask what it is if you affix it at home as opposed to printing it on line with the Shipping assistant. I just went and downloaded Shipping assistant and it took about 30 minutes all total to download and install and everything.
Go Here to get it....and like Vic said, it is just 18 cents then.

They can only be used on First Class Parcels though, and NOT on First Class Large Envelopes. If you put them on Large Envelopes, the receiving party will likely owe a considerable amount when it is received, up to maybe $3.
If you are wanting to put them on bubble envelopes, you will want to be sure and put something in them (syrofoam peanuts or something) that will make them more than 3/4" thick.

Do you have a postal scale for home use so you know the exact weight of what you are mailing from home?

They are really cheap on ebay now...often just 96 cents or so with about $16 in shipping. It will soon pay for itself in the $$ you save along with the convenience of always knowing your correct weight and not overpaying (or underpaying and risking postage due).


Here is a link that might be useful: Postal scale now at 96 cents with 10 minutes to go.

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no but looks like i'm gonna have to get one of those pretty soon!! LOL i've been thinking about it, ~Medo

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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana(zone 5/6)

Hey Gf...I got my very own First Class Mail Shape-Based Pricing Template today in the mail from my postmaster. (Did I mention he is very conscientious and a real sweetie?) I'm going to post on 'that other' thread about it and what to ask for, and take a picture of it.

I'm so thrilled to finally get it, so I can be sure what is Letter, Large Envy, or Parcel rates.


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