Some myths about fertilizer

TheMasterGardener1(5B)October 23, 2012

The purpose of this discussion is to talk about some common myths about fertilizers in general. This is not the first post or time this has been talked about on here, but I would like to discuss and display it even further.

The first myth is bloom boosters. I used to really think that they had to work, but I was in fact very wrong. If plants are getting enough phosphorus as it is adding more will harm then do good.

The next is the common myth that to grow a plant or crop to it's full potential organics must be used. From a nutritional standpoint this is a big myth. As I learned on here from some very informative posters- plants can't in fact tell the difference from organic or synthetic fertilizer. Plants can only uptake elements in soluble form. At that point the element in which the plant is uptaking is the same element whether it came from an organic or synthetic source

I would like to here from anyone that has anything to add. I posted this to try to learn more about it.


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I guess this is just old news anymore... :)

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At the end of the day you had learned something, which is NEW to you.

Whats new today for this reader and as you said about one fert VS another fert resulting in the same old same is correct.

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Any plant nutrient can be a booster if it's in short supply in the soil. Throwing extra nitrogen into the soil can boost green shoot growth when the plant has already used up much of the available nitrogen in the soil.

Plant scientists have been saying it for a long time. Certain substances are limiting in plant growth. If there is a shortage of nitrogen or potassium or calcium, the plant won't grow to its full potential. Plant scientists never said that these nutrients were pixie dust. The correct amount for the plant is enough. More than enough does not help, and at some point begins to hurt. That's all you need to know.

Nutrients may also be leached out of the soil, or be tied up by pH levels. Plants also need certain physical factors, like soil structure. But as far as nutrients go, always make sure the plant has enough of each - then have a cup of coffee. There are no secret ingredients, and more is not better.

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Thanks guys for the response. Great addition.

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TheMasterGardener1, I follow this guy.

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Yes the father of the fertilizer industry! ;)

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prestons_garden(9B SZ 22 HZ 6 SoCal)


There are alot of secret ingredients. In fact, the secretes are so well kept, I don�t even know one of them. :-(

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