butterfly seeds??????? are they..... a pic

medontdo(8)October 10, 2008

is this what its supposed to look like?? to me they are just the leaves, is that supposed to be?? ~Medo

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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana(zone 5/6)

I think Butterfly bush( Buddleia) is one of the hardest seeds to harvest properly.

Here shows a pic of an immature pod along with directions for harvesting.

Scroll to the bottom here and you will see pics of the harvested seeds. They are really small. Here in Indiana the pods won't be dry and splitting for a long while. One time I harvested the pods, thinking they would in time split. They never did split, so I guess I picked the pods when they were too immature.


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Hey Medo, My butterfly bush is in bloom right now, if I can get some seeds out of it I'll send ya some! I don't know, we are getting some of that nasty white stuff! The weather man say's we may get up to 19 inches by monday! YUCK!! I don't know what that will do for the flowers and seeds!

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Medo,the butterfly bush seeds look like tiny splinters pick the flower head when they are brown then let them dry for a few weeks then you can harvest them.

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i was more concerned with the ones i have been getting. because they have so many leaves and was wondering if they just picked off the leaves, though there are some small splinter thingi's in there. i do hope that these are seeds. next year i think mine will be big enough to tell when it will have seeds. i hope, although it did flower this year. the tiny little thing!! LOL thank you so much!! ~Medo

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agirlsgirl(6 SW-PA)

medo,if you look at the packet I sent you,you will see seed in there. I know I harvested mine properly last year,they are tan in color and very small. Good Luck lady! :)

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