Need help to cover a fence in a tight lot with slanted line

janine09August 23, 2012

Sounds fun, right?

Basically in a very tight lot (NJ) and neighbors have put an ugly 4ft fence right smack on the line. The property also sharply juts into our yard, almost at 45 degree angle so this is not a nice visual. They were also kind enough to put a pool int, so we have that view from upstairs.

Anyhoo, does anyone have landscaping suggestions for privacy but also to not further encroach into our space? I think we'd have to do something in that one corner to downplay how sharp it juts into our property..maybe bushes and then ivy on fence in that last section.

Thanks in advance, really not sure how many options we have to make this look better.

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Too complex for just words. Please show it. Several view maybe.

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Don't have pics right now unfortunately. Basically if you face my backyard (standing on the patio facing the back),the property line to my left goes at 45 degree angle until it ends at a point in the left cornerr which has the visual of appearing 1/2 way into the my yard. Now picture an ugly 4 ft fence on that line. I need to cover it but can't use huge bushes/hedges as it is narrow and claustrophic to start.

I'll try to work on pictures later...thank you!

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What kind of fence is it? Chain-link, wood, vinyl? Are you friendly with the neighbors?

If it's chain-link, you can get slat things that insert into the fence and does make them look nicer, or at least recede from view somewhat. If it's wood, maybe you can paint it. Both of those options would require chatting with the neighbors and getting approval.

If it's vinyl, I think you might be stuck with it. Although, I suppose there's some paint out there that you can use.

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If it is by chance a chain-link fence,check out the link below. I think these people came up with a fantastic and very creative solution to turn their eyesore into something beautiful.

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rosiew(8 GA)

Sniteiu's great link below. What a transformation this couple did.

Here is a link that might be useful: Chain link fence/addition of lattice panels

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