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mom2fiveplantluva(7)August 7, 2012

a picture of a house that is pretty much identical to mine is attached...

a few years ago we removed azalea bushes from in front of the lower windows and have dealt with occasional flooding into the house from those windows ever since...

One inch of rain & we are outside shoveling water away from the house....

COnsider that I am totally clueless and also quite broke, what can we do as DIYers to resolve this issue...

Do we need to mix sand, rocks or something else with the fill dirt? How do we re-grade the area?

I want to add flowers, maybe ornamental grass and more but not sure what will do well there.... its partially shaded, but tends to get full sun for several hours a day....

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karinl(BC Z8)

I would suggest you post a picture of your own house, not because the house matters so much but because your ground does. It would help to see how it slopes, for as wide an area of your yard and any adjacent slopes as you can show.

Forget about flowers (unless maybe in pots) or anything decorative until you have that drainage issue solved.

Karin L

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I will take a pic but mine looks exactly like this, sans the flag and driveway....

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This picture does not illustrate any obvious drainage issue. I suggest that the picture be of better quality so we can really see the ground. Here, it's not very well focused and the shadow obscures too much. Also, please add an additional picture with good lighting that is taken from nearly a side angle.

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mad_gallica(zone 5 - eastern New York)

The simple answer is that you need to regrade the area so the part near the house is higher than the part away from the house. It also really helps if you have a clear idea where the water is supposed to go, so you can help it get there.

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bahia(SF Bay Area)

Mad Gallica gave you the direct answer. There are no magic solutions to poor drainage, if the slope is towards the house, it needs correcting. French drains can be a solution when the situation can't be fixed by proper grading, but still require a connection to a lower elevation away from the house to dispose of the water. I'm guessing that the existing downspout at the corner of the house is the source of your problem, and should have an extension that carries the drainage further away from these windows.

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rosiew(8 GA)


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