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kms4meNovember 18, 2008

A year ago I won a GW contest for a funny story about animals and gardens, the prize being several great packets of seeds. I'd like to continue the concept, but would like input as to what a theme for the contest should be. Since I could use a laugh, I'd like it to be something funny and garden related.

Let me know if you have any ideas, please.


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angelady777 (was angelady on GW) - Zone 6(6)

The funniest garden experience or true story you have?

Tell the funniest garden joke and win?

I like pics / graphics, so maybe the funniest garden picture posted wins?

You could even appoint judges to help determine the winner. This sounds like fun already. Great idea to continue the "contest" concept.


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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana(zone 5/6)

Hi Kate,

Yes, I remember the contest last year, last year and that it was held without a hitch. I kind of felt like it kind of slipped under the radar.
I do however remember reading somewhere at some time that 'contests' were not permitted at GW. I just read/scanned the Terms of Service, and didn't see anything covering it.
Possible some 'veteran' know what I'm speaking/thinking of and can give us some input. I know I can remember some 'contests' in the past getting deleted, and as some of us know, a deletion usually carries a 'warning' with it.

I really am not meaning to rain on anyone's parade, and hope all can go well with this as it did last year. Just babbling and throwing out some food for thought.
hmmmm....if in doubt, I guess one could try contacting GW via the 'Contact Us' link, and explain what you have in mind, and get an OK before proceeding with it.

Funniest pic/graphic is a great idea, except many folks don't know how to post a pic and keep it 60 kb or less. Anything bigger than that can take a lot of time to download for dial-up users, thus maybe even excluding them from the fun.

hmmmm...maybe I will start a post and cover posting pics that are under 60 KB, or clickable thumbnails, or how to link to pics via the Optional Link URL and include a link to the Test Forum Gallery for learners to go and practice. I know there are a 'lot' of folks who don't know how to post pics, of any size.........but that is food for fodder in another thread.

Here are a couple of possible ideas........
####Best Member Page Blurb...I really like this one. It would help too to get the word out for members to tell us a little about themselves, and their gardening.

####Your most special favorite plant/flower/shrub/tree, etc, along with why it is so special. Why does it hold special meaning to you?

####Your most exciting trade, or one item that someone from GW shared with you, be it a seed, plant, bulb, cutting, etc, and why it is exciting to you.

Heck...if GW doesn't have a problem with little contests such as this, maybe we could have/hold one maybe quarterly or something.

Sue...loquacious as usual

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agirlsgirl(6 SW-PA)

I remember the story you won the thought of it, is giving me a chuckle!:)

I think I did read somewhere at one point, contests aren't allowed,but know for a fact there is a forum here that has them all the time. They have a great time with it and no one seems to have a problem with it.

Kate,I don't have any ideas for a theme,but am glad you are thinking of doing this,it sure was a ton of fun reading all those hilarious stories! :)

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I know there is a history of contests on the seed exchange forum. I did a search and found this:

WANTED: All Good Boys and Girls, Sunshine88, 11/29/05

With the Christmas holidays upon us, I thougt it would be a great idea to look back upon the good deeds we've done throughout the year and share them with others. with one small twist, the one with the greatest story and funniest story to tell will be the winners. Yes, that's right there will be two (2) winners and one second place winner. The 1st place price will be 50 types of seeds (my choice) and the second place will win 25 types of seeds (also my choice).
So that everything is judged fairly, I will have one other GW member go through the stories also and together we will come to a decision. Also, everyone that reads the stories is encourage to vote for his favorite one and I will keep notes of the votes. Since all contests must have an expiration date, I will set it for December 13. The winner will be announced on December 15th. With this said, I wish everyone good luck!!. Thank-you.

I tried to do more searches, unfortunately the Search feature did not work for me after the first one.

I know that Plantaholics won a contest for his story about his worst job (shooting rats in a warehouse, I think), then he hosted the next which was about a year ago--it's theme was humor, gardening, and animals. The contest that Plantaholics won, if I remember correctly, was hosted by a GW member who'd won a previous contest.

I don't think I want to host this contest on another forum-since the winner will receive seeds, I think it belongs on the Seed Exchange forum.

Also, I have dial-up and an old computer, so I don't think I want to go with the photo idea. Also, no matter how well it's worded, you know that someone is going to post a HUGE photo. In fact, if I go with the story idea, anyone posting a photo would be eliminated from the competition as the pics posted last year were so large it made reading the stories very difficult (I heard this from several people).

Personally, I could use some laughs, and humor is one way to focus the theme. Best page or member blurb is a great idea (I also like favorite plant/trade) but is awfully subjective, and I think humor is an easier thing to judge.

I was thinking something related to winter, had considered holiday related but don't want to discriminate against people who don't celebrate this time of year.

Would a funny story related to winter be too broad a topic?


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I enjoyed those story telling contests ! They were a lot of fun !! It would be nice to see them again..

What about the best "snow story"..or best winter tradition..(could be going to the ski lodge with the family, ect).......or childhood memory of winter...

Good luck, and I look forward to seeing the stories !


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