Stamps NOT getting canceled out???

beverlysc(8a SC)November 4, 2010

In the few trades I have done this fall I keep getting seed envies that the post office did not cancel out the stamps. Is this happening to anybody else??? I'm not complaining whatsoever...I just have not had this happen very much before. Have even had envies get sent back for more postage but not this. Maybe the mail angel is looking out for me...

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I notice it happening here at work all the time, I assumed it was because we have a special delivery person that brings our bags of mail in but then it happened at home too. Lazy postal workers? LOL

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Happens to me all the time.For me its mostly the envelopes I'm mailing out to traders.I get the envelope back with my seeds from the trader and its the same envelope I sent with the same postage I put on it.What I find irritating is I have to wait on my end of the trade.I trade with some of the same traders over and over and I guessing they remember that the postage is usually not cancelled so they wait on my end first so they can reuse it.While I could care less if they reuse it I shouldn't have to wait,they can always use it on another trade.

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Happens here as well. It seems to happen more frequently with the non standard size envelopes.

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Agreed on bubbles not seen on standard mailings

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It happens to me as well but it is only bubble envies!


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happened to me on a regular envy.

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Happens to me as well, mostly I've noticed on bubble envelopes. Maybe they don't have the equipment/machines to process those fast or mechanically yet? I thought they used metal stamping thingies to hand-cancel bubble envelopes & packages. Could it be they're so short-staffed they don't have the time? I've reused postage simply because it wasn't cancelled but not because I was expecting it wouldn't be cancelled--I was surprised.

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