Ow-Ow! I have idea!

bigred(z8 Ark.)November 28, 2009

Geesh,that hurts to get an idea on a still full Turkey-day leftovers stomach.

Lot of folks seem to be going for "chocolate" themed gardens next year...me included and I got to thinking...Ow-OW! There I go again....what about a Nepolatan(sp?) bed? Ya know that ice cream with section of chocolate,vanilla and strawberry. Chocolate,brown,deep burgundys for the chocolate w/ the burgundy blending into shades of reds and pinks melding into section of vanillas,whites and silvers.You could even carry it over into sherbert colors of oranges/tangerines(poppy Tangerine Parfait springs to mind),green(Ladies mantle for lime),yellows(rudbeckias and I used up al my memory to think of more shades yellows),pinks and strawberry reds(Dianthus China pinks,Valentine and Strawberry Parfait). Wouldn't that be yummy.

Peggy whoes bored of being in the house doing seed and plant inventory and still mad 'cause I still haven't found my penstemon Chocolate Drop .

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Sounds like a theme for the garden theme swap!


There's another kind of ice cream that my dad used to get us once in a while, similar to neopolitan, but something similar, it had three (italian theme?) flavors and the name is just hiding someplace in my brain..... maybe one flavor was pistachio?

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bigred(z8 Ark.)

yes...my brain hides info from me all the time...LOL

I think I will be doing the neopolitan themed bed. Now all I gotta do is figure out which bed gets a total overhaul. Probably the one against the fence between me and NFH since it goes in and out of shade/sun so I can mix it up.Dry over there so I'll have to get drip hoses.I'll have to bring the edge on out because there's shrubs and small trees I can't move. That means more grass has to go. Aw,ain't it a shame...NOT!

Onward and forward to check my seed stash for seeds and googling sources. Buying more seeds is a dirty job but sumbody's gotta do it...*BWG*


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that does sound wonderful!! i always look forward to getting rid of grass!! LOL hubs says "what??" i tell him nicely, whatchya griping about? you don't like to mow it anyhow, at least this way it'll look pretty!! LOL **big grin** ~medo

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bigred(z8 Ark.)

sounds like my hub's...he doesn't do any of the yardwork so he has no say

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bigred(z8 Ark.)

Well,I walked all around this yard yesterday looking for a spot for this idea and just couldn't seem to find a spot that wouldn't take a real major overhaul to do it until I remembered the bed I cut early this spring on the SE corner of the house. It doesn't have much in it and what's in it is still small enough to move. Only real problem...needs to bigger so there goes more grass...Oh well,what a shame.

And it has canna Wyoming bronze leafed) already in it so that's a good chocolatey jump off point.


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grovespirit(Zone 9)

doris: The three (italian themed) flavors in which the green flavor was pistachio is called Spumoni :)

About killing grass the simple way: I've read that plopping some old carpet over it during a hot dry summer, then leaving it there for 40-60 days, will usually kill it easily. :)

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bigred(z8 Ark.)

I think I've got all my chocolate colors now.Seeds and plants I have on hand:
Knautia(seeds from trade did give specific cultivar)Plants
Milk Cocolate Foxglove..Plants and seeds
Nicotiana Milk Chocolate..seeds
Dianthus Sooty...seeds started
Angelica gigas...plants and seeds
Aquilgeia Chocolate Soldier...Seeds
MG Chocolate
Silene Purple Prince...plants
Snaps Bronze Dragon...seedlings
Bronze fennel...plant

Seeds on order:
Aquilgeia Single Black
Delphiniums Kissed by Chocolate
Hollyhock Chater's Chestnut Brown
Nicotiana Chocolate Smoke
Sunflower Chocolate
Salpiglossis Royal Chocolate

and I've traded for some other "chocolate" seeds:
nigella Hot Fudge Sundae
coleus Chocolate Mint
Penstemon Choclate Drop

I'm organizing my seeds so I can see what I'll need for the strawberrys and vanillas.

Can't wait to get started winter sewing next month.

I just dig out my grass.Although I do have a spot I'm going to put down some heavy duty weed block to kill the grass on the shady side of my dogs exercise area. Trying to hide it from veiw. Already have arborvitea on the sunny end...I'm putting hydrangeas on the shadey end.


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I'm really excited about winter sowing too. I've been going through my seeds to pick out what I'll sow for winter solstice.

I like the idea for your Neapolitan garden! I even found a couple of things in my stash for you that I think you'll like and will fit into that garden!


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